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Forlaks during pregnancy

Forlaks during pregnancy

use of any drug during pregnancy is possible only with the utmost caution and after advice from a specialist.If possible, do better to abandon the use of medicinal drugs from the pharmacy.Yet pregnancy a woman is accompanied by a significant decrease in immunity of the female body, so it is logical question - what should be done to combat various diseases.Thus problems can be different.One of the characteristic difficulties during pregnancy is the appearance of constipation.In any case of constipation during pregnancy involves a lot of questions - about the methods and recommendations for treatment.

The diagnosis of constipation during pregnancy actually surprise anyone will be difficult.In fact, during pregnancy constipation problems faced by more than half of women.But even with the appearance of constipation, pregnant women often do not seek help from a specialist to handle, trying to get rid of the problem by using certain laxatives.But you must understand - this autocratic approach leads to nega

tive consequences for their own state organism and the fetus.

for constipation during pregnancy need special treatment, which can be matched only by a competent person.But women often try to build on its views and recommendations on the Internet.Among the safest drugs for the treatment of constipation in pregnancy, who are appointed experts, application notes Forlaks.It was about this drug is often said pregnant women and professionals.Consider an article in the most typical questions that are pregnant women about the use of Forlaks.

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Action Forlaks during pregnancy

main active ingredient of the drug becomes Macrogol 4000 - contributes to the formation of hydrogen bonds with water molecules to retain water in the intestine, increase its quantity, which entails an increase involume of intestinal contents.The result is a restoration of motility, softening the stool, 24-48 h. There comes a laxative effect medication.Conclusion Forlaks from the body is unchanged - because there is no metabolism or absorption.

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Forlaks How to take during pregnancy

The drug is used in the symptomatic treatment of constipation.Importantly, because the medicine is not directed to the elimination of the causes of constipation, and only the symptoms - to alleviate the condition.Therefore, it is not recommended continued use of the drug.The dosage for women during pregnancy is usually one to two bags per day.The best effect is ensured when using the drug in the morning before breakfast - enough to dissolve the powder in a glass of water.The duration of treatment is set by your doctor.

Side effects and dangers Forlaks during pregnancy

Forlaks is classified as safe drugs during pregnancy.But it is recommended to use it with extreme caution and only in extreme cases.

overdose or too prolonged use of the drug leads to serious consequences, including the risk of diarrhea, the probability of occurrence of abdominal pain, rash, and urticaria.

After the appearance of these symptoms is an urgent need to give Forlaks and consult a specialist.During pregnancy, all banned independent choice of drugs, particularly the combination of several drugs at the same time to treat common problems.When selecting Forlaks need to treat it with this medication, and do not begin to combine it with Duphalac.

Can I refuse Forlaks during pregnancy?

uniquely identified answer on this question is quite difficult.Often "simple" folk remedies do not allow to get rid of constipation during pregnancy.You have to understand the complexity of the female body during pregnancy, so difficult to determine the optimal solution.But to abandon the people's money, too, should not, and sometimes they are able to improve the situation.It is worth thinking about the rich "laxatives" foods (rich in fiber), physical activity to effectively combat constipation during pregnancy.Even the use of effective Forlaks not solve the problem, if you do not make appropriate adjustments to your diet and lifestyle (by going to the "sedentary" more mobile).