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Worms in pregnancy

Worms in pregnancy

Pregnancy - an important time in every woman's life when so important confidence in their health.At this time, it is necessary to avoid complications, a woman can confuse even the smallest doubt in their analyzes and changes in the body.But what can be done if the pregnancy were identified worms.

According to experts, there are worms in the body of each person - can not do without them.But their availability is revealed really rare.And the differences between certain worms to be understood.Just do not worry - you do not get worms deadly threat.But at the same expert help parasitologist in such a situation it becomes a necessary condition.After all, the importance is given not only to detect worms, but also their mind and term pregnancy.

Prevention and treatment of intestinal worms during pregnancy

Please note that during pregnancy you need to give up any drugs against worms.They all contain toxic substances, leading to dangerous consequences for the whole pregnancy and child (may be some risk of mi

scarriage).Among the many folk remedies to combat parasites also not completely safe solutions.What can be done in a similar situation?

have to admit that in the fight with "worms" in modern medicine there is no single solution.Some experts are of the opinion about the necessity of compulsory treatment of worms, because they do not lead to consequences for the fetus.Particularly dangerous for pregnant organism are roundworm.The larvae of these worms are able to penetrate the placenta, with localization in the body of the fetus.They can lodge in the brain of the baby, resulting in obstructed labor, given the noticeable increase in the fetal head.When a child of worms in the lungs as early as infancy would be constantly exposed to acute respiratory infections, pneumonia, bronchitis, which are not even treated with antibiotics.

But while experts are of the opinion that a more rational and less dangerous it is to endure the inconvenience compared to treatment with drugs.They note that the worms are particularly at risk for pregnancy and baby do not carry.But what can be done if the worms lead to terrible discomfort for pregnant women?After all, sometimes simply can not endure similar stuff in your body.

Undoubtedly, the best option becomes effective prevention.Be sure to follow the simple rules of hygiene - wash your hands always come home, after using the toilet, handling animals, and before eating.Wash fruits and vegetables, observe the thermal processing of meat and fish, food store from contact with rodents and insects.Sleep better in shorts with a close fit to the body.

Most Wash towels and bed linen at high temperatures with a thorough treatment of all steam laundry (for ironing).Forget about that nail-biting, to wash with soap and water in the morning and evening.Such measures are prevention of worms can quickly get rid of pinworms, with the appearance of their body - their shelf life of only about a month.

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How to treat intestinal worms during pregnancy

You can also use plants with anthelmintic effect.Among them Chernobrivtsev, watermelon, cranberries, birch, strawberries, pomegranate, valerian, willow, coriander, cabbage, lavender, nettle, garlic, onions, dandelion, juniper, radish, papaya, walnuts, camomile, rowan, carrots,leek, thyme, pumpkin.But during pregnancy the use of herbal remedies is contraindicated.Therefore it is important consultation with a gynecologist.

during pregnancy to combat the worms can be sure to use raw pumpkin seeds (must necessarily be green plenochkoj).

Treatment worms during pregnancy pumpkin Semyanov

There are different types of treatment with the help of pumpkin seeds:

- fasting 2-3 tablespoons of seeds (crushed and thoroughly chew).After 2 hours, drink 2 tablespoons olive oil (as a mild laxative) - to get rid of worms.You can repeat the procedure.

- Half a cup of sunflower seeds in the morning and evening for 30-40 minutes.before meals for a week.

- 100 gr.peeled pumpkin seeds, frayed with 35-45 grams.water.Thoroughly mix and take 4 times a day, and 25 grams.for 10 days.

Pumpkin seeds can effectively help women, but not all.In any case, they will not bring harm.We can also recommend to chew raw carrot - is also harmless to the health resort.Another effective solution becomes 10 cloves of garlic with melted milk on an empty stomach.

enemas to treat worms in pregnancy

If contraindications to enema there, you can use other solutions (after consultation with the gynecologist):

- pour boiling water the grass wormwood and chopped garlic with the infusion half hour and filter - perform an enema.Is the procedure 3-5 days.

- Enema of chamomile - 2 tablespoons per cup of boiling water.

- Enemas can be carried out as a soap solution.

be taken into account - the use of dairy products contributes to the proliferation of worms, so during treatment they should be abandoned.

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