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Flemoksin during pregnancy

Flemoksin during pregnancy

determined with sufficient safe drug for the treatment of a particular disease during pregnancy is difficult.Responsible pregnant women prefer to consult with a physician and a gynecologist even before using vitamin C, not to mention the antibiotics.Yet some women during pregnancy sometimes resort to self-medication, subtract recommendations on the Internet or listen to advice of friends.But pregnancy becomes an important period when the woman is responsible for herself and the child.We have to recognize that doctors today are increasingly not show an individual approach, but simply prescribe antibiotics, "without understanding."Among the most common drugs during pregnancy called flemoksin use.He is quite young but effective, and, according to experts, a fairly safe during pregnancy.

Flemoksin How to use during pregnancy

most significant point in the instruction is the possibility of drug use during pregnancy.But not always statement can ensure accurate data on the effects of the substance on the b

ody of women and children.To explain this situation quite easily - testing drugs on pregnant women are not made.Various surveys and studies on the practice does not guarantee the accuracy of the information.Therefore, manufacturers should indicate - appointed only when the benefits of therapy higher risk of side effects to the fetus.

as expected potential impact on children?Dealing with this issue should be a competent person, analyzing the status of women's health, pregnancy and possible diseases.But usually, the doctor does not have enough time to understand the smallest nuances, so universally writes Flemoksin in the case of angina - taking into account sufficient efficiency and safety during pregnancy.

but should again be given to the description of the drug.Flemoksin - antibiotic with broad action, which is a large group of semisynthetic penicillins.The main active ingredient of the drug - amoxicillin, is active in a lot of gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria, providing germicidal effect.

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Flemoksin used to treat a wide range of diseases (bacterial infections resulting from the action of susceptibility).In the category of these diseases should be noted pneumonia, bronchitis, tonsillitis, sinusitis, pyelonephritis, pharyngitis, otitis, urethritis, cystitis, cervicitis, gonorrhea, cholecystitis, cholangitis, salmonellosis, dysentery, septicemia, meningitis, infection of soft tissue and skin.Flemoksin taken in the form of tablets or suspensions.The dosage should be administered by a specialist, depending on the degree of disease.Typically, the use of the drug is assigned three times a day, the duration of the course of from 5 to 12 days.

use of any antibiotics involves the risk of various side effects.According to pharmacists, the use flemoksin tolerated quite well, suggesting only rare side effects.But the treatment during pregnancy, this probability increases.The list of possible "pobochek" is quite extensive, but can be distinguished among the major vomiting, diarrhea, goiter, stomatitis, allergic reactions on the skin.

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Reviews for Flemoksin pregnancy

In case of serious illness (salmonellosis, meningitis, etc.) Is hardly a pregnant woman will doubt the necessity of passing anti-bacterial treatment prescribed by a doctor.In appointing flemoksin due to sinusitis or sore throat, it is quite possible the emergence of doubts and questions.It is believed that with a sore throat without antibiotics can not handle.Therefore, many consider the use of virtually harmless flemoksin quite normal.Others recommend to think about finding other effective solutions.The debate continues, and each party takes its arguments and strong arguments.

women taking Flemoksin during pregnancy give birth to normal healthy child.Therefore, it is normally refer to the use of this antibiotic.But do not cease and the statements of opponents of using drugs, as any drug has some effect on the body of the woman and the child.

But all parties believe in one - is to abandon the treatment during the first trimester, especially antibacterial.Then you need to be treated only on the advice of the doctor, it is best to consult a number of experts to be sure, and not to resort to self-medication.

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