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Amiksin during pregnancy

Amiksin during pregnancy

Any experts have given birth, and women can assert with certainty - to use drugs during pregnancy should be extremely careful.The reason is the danger of some of the drugs for pregnancy, fetal growth and development.Given the prevalence of the problems of SARS and influenza, you need to understand - whether the suit against them drugs during pregnancy.Among the most common questions about the drugs during pregnancy called Amiksina use.We'll talk more in the article, whether used Amiksin during pregnancy or worth thinking over the choice of other peers.

reasons and objectives destination amiksina during pregnancy

Among the indications for use of fairly common drug called Amiksin should highlight the appearance of herpes infection, viral hepatitis, SARS and influenza.Amiksin also called as part of combination therapy in the case of viral and infectious-allergic encephalomyelitis, respiratory or urogenital chlamydia, tuberculosis of the lungs.Available Amiksin drug in tablet form.According to the inst

ructions, the patient should be used Amiksin after a meal.The main component of a substance in a preparation Amiksin - tilorona, wherein rapid absorption from the gastrointestinal truck man.Excretion of the main components of Amiksina substances from the body is with the feces (70%) and urine (9 percent).

Amiksina dosage use in each case is determined by the doctor individually, taking into account the patient's diagnosis.In most cases, the dosage of the drug for prevention of influenza and SARS is 125 mg.- Using a week.Course duration Amiksina application is six weeks.For the treatment of SARS and influenza Amiksin appoint a dosage of 125 mg.per day - during the first two days.After two days of treatment, it should be applied at 125 one day.The total dose at the rate equal to 0.75 g., -, Respectively, will be enough to drink six tablets Amiksina.

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reviews amiksina use during pregnancy

Immediately it should be noted that today there is no single opinion.Using Amiksina considered by us for purposes led to a rather mixed reviews among pregnant women.It should be noted that the production of the drug carried out in Ukraine and Russia.The use of this product in Russia is expected for several federal programs, receiving assistance at the state level.It joined the drug today exclusively on the territory of Russia and Ukraine, so there is no feedback on the use of pregnant women in other countries.

It is understood that all the medicines suggested a number of contraindications and side effects.They are due and such mixed reviews on the use of this drug.In particular, after using Amiksina may cause allergies, if one is inclined to it.Therefore, it is important that a person before use instructions carefully studied.

also say that this drug is repeated study of the treatment of patients in various medical institutions.Similar experiments were carried out in the 90-ies of the last century.According to the research we managed to determine what viruses are simply not able to adapt to the effects Amiksina.This feature of the drug is really important given the constant mutation and high adaptability of viruses.Drug demonstrated its effectiveness in the fight against almost any infection with a viral etiology.In particular, the treatment of hepatitis Amiksin helps in the healing process, the normalization of the liver of the patient.Through the use of Amiksina significantly reduced risk of progression of the disease into a chronic form.

main active ingredient of this drug is tilorona.Thus experts note the high toxicity tilorona.Its action can provoke the appearance of fever, indigestion and allergic reactions.Therefore, the opinion on the use of Amiksina today remains quite controversial among health professionals and pregnant women themselves.Therefore, the use of this drug is only possible as a result of consultation with a physician.

is also necessary to bear in mind the incompatibility Amiksin use with alcohol.At best, such a combination may reduce the therapeutic effect of the drug, in the worst - to side effects and other serious complications.Action tilorona affects the rate of hepatic acetylation, so doctors each time remind - use Amiksina not compatible with alcohol.

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Summarizing the article - amiksina use during pregnancy

women during pregnancy need to best protect themselves from the negative effects of drugs and for the condition of the fetus.Considering these factors, it should abandon the use of Amiksina during pregnancy.Also, there is a prohibition on the use of the drug during lactation.In the acute need for Amiksina at this time, you should stop breast-feeding.