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Stye at pregnancy

Stye at pregnancy

Pregnancy is accompanied by a decrease in immunity of the female body.As a result, the female body is more susceptible to various diseases and possible infections.Of course, the ideal would be to completely avoid possible diseases during pregnancy, but none of them is immune.Since the immune system is forced to work like for two, because of which reduced its full ability to protect the body from possible effects of inflammation, viruses or infections.Among these problems is called the appearance of stye.What should be considered in a similar situation - what measures should be taken for the effective treatment and rapid elimination of the problem.

causes and symptoms of barley

most common cause of barley in the eye during pregnancy is infected.The most common pathogen Staphylococcus aureus becomes entering the sebaceous glands.Rubbing itchy place hands will only accelerate the further development of barley.Another common cause of barley becomes the existence and proliferation in the hair follicles

of eyelashes tick.To detect the presence of the mite required taking a test in the laboratory.

In most cases, proceeds barley in the acute form, it becomes the beginning of itching and redness, there is a slight soreness edge of the century.Red bump with a yellow top occurs after 1-2 days.It is an inflammatory infiltrate with a head of barley.Typically, barley breaks itself after three or four days, with the release of accumulated pus nauzhu.Further, there is a gradual decrease in pain of barley, with the falling off of swelling and redness removal.All these stages of the disease usually last a total of during the week.

way to quickly remove barley during pregnancy

is unlikely to be a reminder that any pathology of the disease is much easier and safer to prevent than to further treatment.

however still completely exclude the probability of barley impossible.But at the first sign of the problem must be treated barley.With timely identification of emerging tubercle it will need to cauterize iodine.To do this, gently pulls the eyelid and we raise it, causing iodine cotton swab on the reddened portion.

The procedure must be carried out carefully to iodine has not appeared on the mucosa.Because otherwise, it may cause burns.Resort to other means to remove barley during pregnancy is possible only by appointment physician.Experts strongly recommend to resort to self-barley.The best option when the person immediately seek the advice of an ophthalmologist in order to avoid possible risks or complications in the future.Because these complications during pregnancy can lead to vision loss.This medication during pregnancy is also necessary to take extreme caution to avoid the negative impact to the state and development of the fetus.

What the breakout of barley during pregnancy?

After the burst inflamed bump, to lubricate the land iodine.Further, for the eyelid lay bonafton ointment or one percent tetracycline ointment.Performs all these manipulations should be very careful not to move with the infection of barley for the eyelid or on the mucous membranes of the eye.It should also be noted that the consequence of complications of barley may be the appearance of sepsis.Provide an excellent bactericidal effect for barley allows the welding of pure black tea without additives and impurities.This fluid is recommended to wash the eyes.

In any case it is necessary to abandon attempts to self-squeezing pus from barley.After all, the consequence of such extrusion may be the appearance of the scar on the eyelid or at all sepsis.

methods of treatment of barley during pregnancy

treatment of barley during beremennosti.jpg Methods of treatment of this problem during pregnancy is similar.The exception becomes the only antibiotic therapy.Also, it becomes extremely undesirable passage of drug therapy during the first months of pregnancy.Therefore, as soon as possible, at the first sign of barley, needed recourse ophthalmologist.It should also follow some other recommendations: the rejection of the use of cosmetics is necessary to cauterize the sore bump iodine, if the process is only at an early stage of barley, and barley can not pierce.

When barley in the patient should be eye drops drip Chloramphenicol.It should be applied to barley dry heat.If a strong inflammation of barley, when the process is accompanied by pain, fever, enlarged lymph nodes, the doctor may prescribe antibacterial drugs intake for pregnant women.Many pregnant women now decide to abandon the use of antibiotics, given the strong influence of these drugs.Yet, in exceptional cases, the reception of such medicines is admissible provided that the negative impact of their use.

With instillation of antibiotics must be the inner corner of the eye gently hold for a few minutes - you will avoid systemic absorption of the drug.For traditional medicine characterized an arsenal of tools that are safe in the effective treatment of barley:

  • packs of eggs warm for applying for barley.

  • use lotions from chamomile or calendula.

  • packs of roasted onions.

  • Performing compresses of warm potatoes.

Therefore, for the effective treatment of barley can be used drugs or traditional medicine.In any case, a pregnant woman needed patience, maximum accuracy and precise adherence to appointments and the advice of the attending physician.

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