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Detraleks during pregnancy

Detraleks during pregnancy

known fact that during pregnancy should be carefully and cautiously approach to the use of drugs.And in any case - their use can only be prescribed by a doctor, independent choice completely banned.Especially important condition during the first trimester of pregnancy - the body undergoes a lot of active hormonal changes.Therefore, the best option within this period will be a decision to completely abandon the use of drugs.But we have to recognize that it is not always possible to completely eliminate the use of drugs.

In the case of health problems the woman's body during pregnancy, you can not refuse appropriate treatment, including the use of drugs.Especially in venous insufficiency.If the doctor prescribes the use detraleks during pregnancy, our article may be helpful to clarify your questions.

condition veins during pregnancy

known significant hormonal changes during pregnancy, at this time becomes the principal hormone progesterone.It contributes to the suppression of smooth muscle tone - the

walls of blood vessels and muscle organs.

This suppression can prevent uterine contraction, to prevent miscarriage.But progesterone leads not only to inhibition of uterine muscle, but also other smooth muscles in pregnant women.This effect has a negative impact on the gastrointestinal tract, there is a possibility of problems with the locomotor activity intestine - gives rise to constipation, bloating, there is the possibility of hemorrhoids.

appearance of hemorrhoids during pregnancy becomes very dangerous condition.After increasing pressure leads to hemorrhoids bridles to form an acute hemorrhoid bleeding.Especially dangerous is the repeated bleeding that occurs when vain attempts and struggles.

Another negative effect of exposure to progesterone becomes muscle walls of the veins.It is a relaxation, expansion and elongation venous blood accumulation as a result, which leads to edema of the lower extremities.Also, the danger of becoming a risk of blood clots and inflammation of the walls of the veins due to the stagnation of blood in the veins.

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Purpose and use detraleks pregnancy

drug Detraleks presented by renowned French manufacturer.Using the only possible purpose of the attending physician.Appointment possible when the expected benefit to the female body above the risk to the fetus.

Note that Detralaks is quite effective herbal medicines.It has proven itself highly effective in the treatment of venous insufficiency, in which there is a risk of blood clots, and to get rid of the problem of hemorrhoids.Using detraleks contributes to the overall improvement of venous tone, strengthens the walls of veins, has a beneficial effect on the circulation of blood through the capillaries and blood vessels.Accordingly, the use of the drug can reduce the symptoms of venous insufficiency, reduces the risk of complications of the disease.

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detraleks use is permitted only when prescribed by a doctor.Therefore chosen course of treatment, time and dosage of receiving only an expert on the results of due diligence to obtain the data analyzes pregnant.It must be remembered - is strictly forbidden independent purpose of this drug.

Also, do not forget about the possibility of intolerance to one of the components that are part of this drug.In this case also require the rejection of its application.Whenever possible, refuse to accept detraleks and after childbirth, especially when breastfeeding a child.The reason is the lack of research on the allocation of the drug along with breast milk.

In fact, taking into account all the information considered in the article, it is possible to make a reasonable choice - treatment during pregnancy is possible only if the appropriate supervision of the doctor, to the set time and dosage of the drug.Otherwise, a situation may arise when the harm of drugs outweigh the benefits.Therefore it is important to approach the drug during pregnancy with great responsibility and caution.