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Heartburn during pregnancy

Heartburn during pregnancy

During pregnancy, three out of four women are faced with an issue like heartburn.Even before pregnancy, you've never met with such a disease, but now it is likely to encounter can with him.So where there is heartburn?

Feeling unbearable, sharp and very sour taste in the mouth, as well as a burning sensation in the stomach or throat - these symptoms may be present with heartburn.Its essence lies in contact with the contents of the stomach back up into the esophagus, as well as the food in your stomach is digested with acid, that starts to irritate the esophagus.

Heartburn starts immediately after a meal or when you're lying.In most cases, it is observed in the second half of pregnancy and the time duration of its overrun is from few minutes to several hours.

cause of heartburn during pregnancy

One reason is hormonal changes in women.Separators between the esophagus and the stomach acts as a sphincter - a muscle that prevents the return of food back.But while carrying the child in a woman's body is

enough greatly increased levels of the hormone progesterone.

Under the influence of this hormone all the smooth muscles of the woman's body begin to relax, this happens to the uterus containing fruit, slashed its excitability.Along with the uterus is relaxation of the sphincter smooth muscle and other organs.

Another reason is the growth of the uterus during pregnancy, as it leads to the tightness of the diaphragm, intestine and stomach.Under the pressure of the stomach and starts to displace its contents back into the esophagus.Strong burning is present due to the action of certain hormones, which increase gastric acidity.Many women in these feelings can not even sleep.

We can allay your concerns about the fact that heartburn can adversely affect fetal development: this is not so.It can deliver unpleasant sensations only the expectant mother, but not her child.Moreover, there are many methods to get rid of the full unpleasant symptoms.Of these methods, and it will go.

We can not promise you 100% results, but take full responsibility, declare that the last month of pregnancy discomfort, if not stop completely, then at least become weaker.This happens because the hormone levels of progesterone would be an order of magnitude lower and, therefore, the fruit will start to move down and cease to exert strong pressure on the stomach.Thus, the body of a pregnant woman would be prepared to leave.And after the birth of a baby for a long time you will forget about these dreadful feelings that were present during heartburn.

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Heartburn in early pregnancy

Can Heartburn is a symptom of pregnancy?Oddly enough, but for many women set of regurgitation, vomiting, nausea, and heartburn could actually be considered as the primary symptom of pregnancy, because they occur before the delay period.In general, these signs are observed until the end of the first trimester, although heartburn can haunt you and then, but it occurs for other reasons.

Heartburn in late pregnancy (third trimester) of pregnancy

trouble, a sharp sensation in the mouth may occur after the 16th week, it affects the increase in the uterus.So do not try to pull the stomach to make it less visible, it can cause more severe heartburn.But it can not give you peace, and at a later date, after approximately 36 - 37 weeks, because in this period the baby's head moves down more and more and starts to cuddle up to the entrance to the pelvis.Another reason could be enlarged uterus, which pushes the internal organs.Due to the pressure on the internal organs of the diaphragm is urged that makes you short of breath.But as soon as the baby is fully cooked directly to their birth, all of these reasons will be dispelled by themselves.You lost gastrointestinal discomfort, and you'll be able to breathe.

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How to get rid of heartburn during pregnancy?Funds from heartburn treatment

Now that we know where taken during pregnancy heartburn, we need to know what affects its gain and how to prevent it.

  • Do not take antispasmodics - they only contribute to a relaxation of muscles of internal organs.Therefore, before the doctor will prescribe you this kind of drugs will need to tell him what the problem you are present, and he in turn will pick you another treatment.

  • Since heartburn occurs because of the constant pressure on the stomach, try not to wear constricting clothing.It is better to choose something freely in the abdomen and waist.Try not to make the slopes once again, instead you can sit down while bending your knees.After the meal it is better to not stay, as this could trigger the return of stomach contents back into the esophagus.

  • Argued that the symptoms in the form of unpleasant sensations in the mouth in pregnant women - is a kind of reaction to food, which may adversely affect the child.Perhaps it is not so, but there is the fact that heartburn will be stronger than those products that need more stomach acid than others.From this we can understand that if you are worried about burning and sour taste in your mouth, try to eliminate from your diet carbonated beverages, sour, spicy dishes with spices, and, of course, coffee.

  • The same can be said of the sour vegetables, fruits and berries and, with the exception of cheese and all dairy products.Pay attention is also fresh bread, fish, fatty meats, hard-boiled eggs, very hot or very cold food, as well as fried foods.Finally in this section, which can cause discomfort, it is overeating at night.

If you are too worried about heartburn and hopelessness of you have decided to resort to drugs, then it should be done with caution.Before you do something, you must first reconcile this with a specialist.

better not be used to neutralize the acid different antacids, because you first need to be tested for the establishment of gastric acidity.

the best one is the diet.

  • Firstly, the cost to eat small portions, but often, about five to seven times a day.Check out the meal should be three hours before bedtime.

  • can drink a little milk.Many aromatherapists recommend milk to add a drop of essential oil of fennel.But do not buy cheap oil: they are synthetic and can harm you.

  • to coat and soothe the stomach can be used freshly made potato juice, or a variety of jelly.

  • also to slow down the discomfort, you can during the day are constantly snacking on oatmeal, grated carrots, forest or almonds.

  • If you use a piece of fresh ginger as a cud and chew on it for a day, then maybe this will help.

  • strictly necessary to try to sleep on your back.Put a cushion so that the upper part of the body has been slightly raised.There is also an interesting fact that one of the sides, you'll feel better myself.But to choose the side should be, unless you can lie on your back.

  • Try not to be nervous breakdowns, stress and tension.

  • Arrange yourself as much as possible, try to rest and relax completely.

Folk remedies against heartburn during pregnancy

  • There are simple methods to get rid of heartburn, for example, a breath of warm water or activated charcoal.You can also use dry peas: it is necessary to properly chew and swallow.

  • At this time more than ever need to monitor the regularity of your chair, otherwise it may be artificial tension.

  • Help you can honey from the honeycomb, if it constantly chew, the esophagus begins to become covered waxy film.

  • In the fight against this disease is quite possible to use a non-carbonated mineral water "Essentuki".

  • If sensations are practically unbearable, take magnesia in a powder form.

  • Another folk remedy is a decoction of the crushed St. John's wort, plantain leaves and inflorescences of the daisy.To prepare a decoction, you need the combination of these ingredients to make a glass of boiling water, and then leave for about fifteen minutes, and drain.Serving is not more than one spoon three times a day.

  • Take a spoonful of dried marsh cudweed and fill it with boiling water.And at every appearance of heartburn, drink one spoon.

  • possible use eggshell in small doses, around the tip of the knife.

  • time, you can help yourself by swallowing a pinch of salt.This will be allocated saliva salty, acid which destroys and eliminates your discomfort.

Being in a sitting position, try not to slouch, or on his stomach under pressure.When you walk on foot, your spine should be in a level position.If you do not want to endure the discomfort of heartburn, you do not resort to drugs, and use the methods that we have proposed.Still, before any action related to your body, you must first go through a consultation with a specialist.

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tablets and medicines for heartburn during pregnancy

doctor if heartburn is usually prescribed drugs such as "Renny", "Maalox" and "Almagel", but during pregnancy they can not be taken.No need to drink soda, if it is to do something to pass the time heartburn, and then come back with double force.

Over the entire period of gestation the woman is experiencing a great deal: the state of constant change, the transition from simple signs to a pronounced manifestations, then, the primary toxicosis, and then another, and heartburn.If you

folk remedies can not help, the specialist will advise you "Smecta".

«Smecta" - a drug in powder form, which is based include dioctahedral smectite.

«Smecta" is aimed at:

  • soothing and restorative effect on the irritation of the stomach and intestines;

  • protection of the shell against various aggressive factors;

  • absorbing gas, toxins, waste and pathogens;

  • neutralizing the activity of bile and hydrochloric acid.

also "Smecta" is used in diarrhea - acute and chronic, usually arising from poisoning or a viral disease.

«Smecta" is a completely harmless drug.It can be used in the treatment of infants, pregnant and lactating women.A positive feature of this medication is that it does not enter the bloodstream, and functions within the stomach and intestines and excreted from the body unchanged.

In stable doses tool can cause constipation.But bond stool may be observed with decreasing dosage.Contraindications of the drug only two - this is his idiosyncrasy and intestinal obstruction.The maximum that can cause this drug intolerance - a vomiting and temperature increase.

When pregnancy is "Smecta" prescribed as a one-off, and for a long time.The usual standard for the treatment of adult may be 3 bags "Smecta" per day.When using this product, please note that you must use it in between meals and medicine 1.5 - 2 hours.

Dosing "Smecta" is very easy to dissolve the contents of the bag in warm water.

If you suffer from heartburn, in any case do not need to put up with it, especially in a situation like yours.A pregnant woman should always be in a state of comfort.But if you take seven days "Smecta" but there are no results, then do not continue to use the drug and contact a professional for advice.