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Fenyuls during pregnancy

Fenyuls during pregnancy

Upon confirmation of pregnancy, women have to take different tests.To diagnose the condition of the woman and the fetus requires an understanding of the relevant laboratory parameters of blood and urine.Such a method is considered the most effective and simple for medical monitoring of pregnancy.Gynecologist will control many biochemical parameters, among which the most important is the content of hemoglobin in the blood.In the case of the slightest reduction of hemoglobin in the blood below normal values ​​or approaching the threshold value, especially with the development of anemia during pregnancy, use of the drug is supposed to iron during pregnancy.Among the most popular drugs in this category traditionally called Fenyulsa use.

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Fenyuls Why do I need during pregnancy?

Fenyuls is a classic preparation, nothing special on the background of many other peers are not allocated.Feature is only in part - among the components necessary to select not

only the ferrous sulfate, but also many other chemical compounds including riboflavin mononitrate, nicotinamide, ascorbic acid, pyridoxine hydrochloride, calcium pantothenate.Fenyuls is a synthetic vitamin preparation supplied in capsules.List of indications Fenyulsa similar to many such drugs - iron deficiency (mostly occurs during pregnancy, menstruation or breastfeeding) or B vitamins in the body.

worth noting that sometimes Fenyuls any drugs in this group can be administered to a pregnant woman without reason - as revealed hemoglobin above the lower limit of normal.It is likely that such an approach is prevention when a woman bears a large fruit.But in any case, it must be remembered - the concentration of iron at the same hemoglobin level may vary.

drug Fenyuls differs quite affordable cost, which also becomes the undoubted advantage of its use.But quite often reviews pharmacists about such a cheap drug called positive fails.They add that the use of the drug can adversely affect blood cells.But we have to admit that in this respect, and expensive medications are not the best consequences.The use of all drugs, including expensive, can lead to the risk of side effects, suggest certain contraindications.So bring not only questionable benefit in this period, but also the harmful effects for the pregnant woman and the fetus.

actually impressive how much chemistry to pregnant women is offered in a variety of vitamins.But not all women and professionals know about the natural analogues of synthetic vitamins.And the effect of iron deficiency leads to threats to women and children.Therefore it is necessary to consider the prevention of iron deficiency anemia in the first week of pregnancy.It should not only consider a complete, balanced diet with iron-containing vitamins, but also regular outdoor exercise.Otherwise there is a risk of violating the norms of hemoglobin level.

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How to apply Fenyuls during pregnancy

When using Fenyulsa always need to control their own health.After all, every woman's body is different, and do not always fit the same drugs.Among the possible side effects of Fenyulsa should highlight the appearance of vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, constipation, dizziness, epigastric and other reactions.For their appearance sure to tell your doctor.The change in color of urine using Fenyulsa on bright yellow is quite natural, lead to unrest should not.

Fenyulsa usually dose during pregnancy is one capsule a day during or immediately after a meal.But it is recommended to take in the morning (often administered in conjunction with a multi-vitamin complex for pregnant and jodomarin. However, most instructions are not recommended for such purpose).Completely banned self with this medication.Permission is granted to use Fenyulsa with only 14 weeks of gestation.The duration and location of the course prescribed by the doctor.But usually given medication cycle - is used for two weeks, followed by a week break, and a similar regime to end the pregnancy.

should be added at the end - with the use of some heartburn and antacid, we recommend the use Fenyulsa separately from them.Since the action of such drugs leads to problems of iron absorption.

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