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Calcium during pregnancy

Calcium during pregnancy

Which calcium drink during pregnancy

during pregnancy passes not only a stage of new life, but also the formation of the body of a child.To skeleton baby was strong enough, he needs calcium.Calcium is the fifth largest contents in the crust.A sufficient amount of this element in the body will help to solve a lot of problems such as the risk of premature birth or miscarriage, excessive loss of blood during childbirth, the adverse environmental effects of the development of the child rickets.Calcium also helps mom and most avoid cramps and maintain healthy teeth.

Calcium is an essential element when it comes to muscle and muscle organs such as the uterus or cardiac system.With a lack of this element in childbirth sure to have problems.Also involved in the development of blood clotting function and proper kidney function, a positive effect on digestion and helps with cell division and affects the fertilization process.

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How do you know that you do
not have enough calcium?

Understand that you do not have enough calcium simply because the symptoms of this very well expressed.These symptoms include brittle nails and ugly, the bad condition of the hair, skin peeling, and are frequent cramps in the legs.Calcium may not be enough, even if the woman is very attentive to their health.One in five pregnant women one hundred percent will experience symptoms of a lack of this element in the later stages of gestation.Lack of calcium in the newly born baby can cause such diseases as rickets.This is quite dangerous, as in this disease in the body of the child is deformed parts of the skeleton, as well as disrupted its growth.

reason for calcium deficiency is mainly a consumption of foods such as pasta, white bread, cocoa, coffee, bran, spinach, salt and fat dishes, a variety of sweets and soft drinks.The reason is very simple, all of these products interfere with calcium is absorbed in the body.

Its deficiency can also occur if a woman smokes or not enough exercise.But this does not mean that it is necessary to exhaust yourself physically demanding, everything should be in moderation.Another interesting fact that a lack of calcium according to statistics more common in blondes.

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Norma (dosage) of calcium during pregnancy

day in the body of the pregnant woman must come 1500mg of calcium.At the beginning of pregnancy, the baby takes only 2-3 mg per day, but in the third trimester of this number increases by several times, and is approximately 300 mg.Calcium is involved not only in the formation of bone, but also an integral part of the construction of all tissues in the body, and this is very important, because it's nerve cells, connective tissues, eyes, skin and internal organs.

If not enough calcium during pregnancy

necessary to make the correct diet.But then you have to help a specialist who deals with your treatment.To skeleton developed properly, you also need elements such as zinc, magnesium, copper, manganese and boron.

very large amount of calcium contained in the cheese, green vegetables, nuts, dairy products and of course in the milk.From dairy products special attention should be paid to curdled milk, yogurt and low-fat cheese.Skim milk contains the same amount of calcium as a very fat cottage cheese.Also, when a lack of calcium in the diet to include cabbage, beans, almonds, broccoli and greens.The calcium content is very small, and in some vegetable products such as spinach, sorrel, or beets.Kashi your problem can not help you, because the calcium in them a bit.

the day should consume at least one cup of milk and 100 g of cheese.

also doctors advise with a lack of natural elements to take calcium supplements.Everything should be in moderation, so calcium should not be too much!Practice shows that many women in the early pregnancy begin to consume too much milk and dairy products.In the future, an overabundance of calcium may adversely affect the pregnancy.Firstly, an excessive amount of calcium in the body will have a great pressure on the urinary system, and it becomes the cause of gallstones, kidney or bladder.Second, the surplus of this item have a negative impact on the cardio - vascular system.Third, due to the strong increase in the body will decrease the amount of absorbable calcium, magnesium, and as a result, may have problems with the muscular and nervous system.

Calcium supplementation during pregnancy

There are many calcium supplements that can be taken during pregnancy, but it is better to consult a doctor.The most prominent vitamins that make pregnant women, are considered below.

Also, there is one proven folk remedy - is an eggshell.In order to get rid of calcium deficiency, it is necessary to grind eggshells and add it to food and water.Doctors are constantly arguing about whether or not this method is acceptable, as they say calcium contained in an egg-shell, may not be acquired.Some experts try to convince us otherwise.Well, Mom continued to enclose your children The beaten shell.

calcium gluconate during pregnancy

Now we'll show you why it is necessary to have a certain amount of calcium in the body, and no more - no less.Its deficiency can cause a woman during pregnancy, constant stress and allergic predisposition.For the child, it can affect an irregular development of the skeleton and can cause many diseases, one of them is rickets.

Excessive amounts of calcium is a bad sign, since in this case the bones of the baby becomes too hard and at delivery it will be difficult to pass through the birth canal.

dosage. Daily intake of calcium to a child should be somewhere in the 250-300 mg, it will be delivered as if every day use drug gluconate.The maximum dose which is prescribed by a doctor during pregnancy - is 500 mg at one time.In the future baby and mom calcium consumed about the same.The dosage of the drug the doctor determines strictly for each individual, so begin to self-medication, without consulting with a specialist, it is not necessary.

Contraindications. The drug should not be used if you suffer from the following diseases: chronic diarrhea, atherosclerosis, kidney failure, giperparatiereoz, and of course an allergy to the drug itself.

It also means you can not be combined with other medications that contain sulfate, calcium carbonate and naturally.

Calcium D3 Nycomed during pregnancy

One of the most common drugs that are prescribed to get rid of calcium deficiency during pregnancy - is a Calcium D3 Nycomed.This drug is not contraindicated for pregnant women.It is necessary to strictly follow the dosage, or vitamin D may appear in breast milk, and it can not be good at feeding the baby feeding.

This tool has a number of side effects.While taking the drug can dramatically degrade the performance of the gastrointestinal tract.Also, do not take Calcium D3 Nycomed, if you have kidney failure or the formation of calcium stones.

This drug is quite common and can be purchased in almost any drugstore.One tablet is one-fourth of the vitamin D3 and a third of the calcium.

addition, these chewable tablet eliminates the deficiency of calcium, they are normalized add phosphorus in the body and also reduce the resorption and increase bone density.

first symptoms of an overdose of this drug is very strong thirst and vomiting.It is necessary to immediately seek medical attention.

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