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Pentoxifylline during pregnancy

Pentoxifylline during pregnancy

have to admit that the course of pregnancy is not always going completely cloudless and easily.Upcoming nine months of pregnancy may be accompanied by some difficulties and problems - so you need patience and a willingness to follow the advice of doctors.Often pregnancy runs the risk of certain disorders, including the emergence of traditionally called fetoplacental insufficiency (FPI).This process involves poor circulation that occurs between the female body, placenta and fetus.We have to admit that the appearance of such a violation involves a certain danger.After her appearance entails certain risks - including the threat of fetal abnormality (main impact falls on the central nervous system), and sometimes the death of the child.

Acute and chronic fetoplacental insufficiency (FPI)

possible acute and chronic forms of feto-placental insufficiency.The appearance of the acute form is very dangerous, as it involves the risk of miscarriage.When the chronic form of the body is able to adapt to cope wit

h the disease themselves.In this case, feto-placental insufficiency often occurs almost imperceptibly.But there are other situations where chronic FPN also requires a competent professional help.After all, as a result of this condition there is a risk of oxygen starvation of the fetus - can cause death to the child.

Pentoxifylline in the feto-placental insufficiency

targeted by the drug "Pentoxifylline" to improve circulation.Its effect is use results in improved blood flow to the expansion of small blood vessels.As a result, the level of blood flowing to the myocardium will increase significantly.It would seem that this solution was found.However, not all so simple.Many women are confused by the information in the manual preparation.It states ban the use of "Pentoxifylline" during pregnancy.Reason explains the lack of clinical studies of action of the drug in pregnant women.

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Pentoxifylline during pregnancy

Despite this feature, obstetricians often prescribed use of the drug during pregnancy.But it should be administered cautiously, with careful analysis of all the advantages and disadvantages of such a choice.First of all, the doctor will review the period of pregnancy and the woman's condition.Gestational age is essential - in fact before the 12th week is better not to take any medication.At this time, formed all the organs and tissues of the fetus, so the effects of drugs can provoke some abnormal development of the child.

However, in this respect, has its own peculiarities.Since the formation of fetal tissue in each case takes place individually by drugs of dubious effect on the woman and the fetus, it is better to give up and, after 12 weeks of gestation.Must take medication on prescription and under medical supervision.

but fairly common situation where a woman is an urgent need to use drugs to improve microcirculation.The use of drugs will provide a sufficient supply of blood and oxygen to the placenta.Among these drugs is often prescribed as well, "Pentoxifylline."

particularly widespread use of this drug in the case of feto-placental insufficiency or acute form of the appearance of a threat to the child because of the chronic form of FPN.Preparation "Pentoxifylline" may be used intraarterially, intravenously or internal means.Appoints the dosage and duration of use of the drug may only doctor.To assign required to take into account the state of women's health and pregnancy.

It should be noted that the use of the drug "Pentoxifylline" during pregnancy is particularly justified in the case of threat to life and health of the child.But to resort to self-medication using a drug can not, without violating the established specialist dosage and the general course of treatment.

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