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Nasonex during pregnancy

Nasonex during pregnancy

Experience suggests that for many pregnant women one of the most important issues becomes his treatment of rhinitis.If earlier the woman had chronic or allergic rhinitis during pregnancy will have to prepare for specific issues, with the obligatory worsening cold.But even without such problems prior to pregnancy during the childbearing there is a risk of nasal congestion, which becomes tiresome companion this time.

himself rhinitis during pregnancy is not dangerous (but it is important to take into account that women are not short of breath, so there is some risk because of a shortage of oxygen supplied to the child), immediately after the birth takes place.But before giving birth still plenty of time to do that when the air is not enough, and breathing problems lead to discomfort.

Nasonex in this case during pregnancy is rarely a good option.But women often found convictions about its effectiveness, providing a fast enough effect.They are guided by their personal experiences of getting rid of allerg

ies and the common cold.

Efficiency Nasonex during pregnancy

Nasonex belongs to the category of glucocorticoids - a hormonal agent, providing desensitizing, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and immunosuppressive action.His effective drug has established itself as a means of prevention and treatment of chronic sinusitis and seasonal allergic rhinitis.

Indeed, Nasonex is capable of effectively and quickly remove the mucosal edema, promoting normalization of nasal breathing, albeit on a fairly short period of time.There is a constant need for its use, which may eventually lead to some impacts and the fetus.

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possible to use Nasonex during pregnancy?

actually be taken into account - during pregnancy there is no safe treatment with medication.Without risk, you can only use sea water and saline solution, but the problem is that this approach will provide benefits only for units.

specialists to treat a cold during pregnancy recommend the use of non-drug funds, and women are constantly seeking effective and at least relatively safe sprays and nasal drops.

permissible use of vasoconstrictor during pregnancy only in extreme cases, only with guidance and supervision of a physician.Use allowed only a few days (no longer than a week).These requirements also apply to the use of Nasonex to get rid of a cold during pregnancy.

Pharmacists thus argue that adherence to recommended dosages avoid entering active substances in the blood system, without affecting the child.However, in fairness it should be noted - the study of this issue has not yet been carried out.

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Similarly any vasoconstrictor, Nasonex is a default is potentially unsafe.Therefore, like all other media, there is a risk of certain side effects of:

- burning, dryness in the nasal cavity.

- Irritation of the nasal mucosa.

- High intraocular pressure.

- Bleeding from the nose.

- Headache.

- Pharyngitis.

- Sneezing.

also be aware that during pregnancy, use of hormonal drugs is dangerous.Therefore, doctors generally priority assigned if necessary for alternative sprays and drops mainly assigning children.

method of using Nasonex pregnancy

In extreme cases, you can assign Nasonex during pregnancy, but on an individual scheme.However, in any case, it prohibited its use in the first trimester of gestation of the child.Normally you can not use the drug longer than a week and no more than once a day.

use Nasonex If a woman during pregnancy, the baby after birth need to check the adrenal gland, as there is a possibility of hypofunction.

Therefore, in any case, no matter how cold, it's better to abandon the use of drugs of this type of pregnancy.You must take responsibility for her pregnancy and characteristics of the treatment during this period.

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