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Proginova when planning pregnancy

Proginova when planning pregnancy

each woman to want to have a full-term, strong and healthy child who will get pleasure from life and give happiness to their parents.But we have to recognize that the dream of many couples face different obstacles and diseases which lead to complications during pregnancy.Among the relevant issues deserve special attention thin layer of the endometrium of the uterus.What should be done in such a situation, how to minimize the risks?What is the principle of action and especially prescribers Proginova?On these issues we will discuss in more detail in his article, answers to common questions women at pregnancy planning or directly during childbearing.

reasons purpose proginova

Each pair at some point think about the planning of pregnancy, the baby pleased parents.Therefore, increasing attention has recently been given planning pregnancy.Because the desire to have a child becomes the key to his future happiness.This opinion is shared by many psychologists today.But we have to admit that sometimes women

even at all desire can not get pregnant.In such a situation, first of all, you need to consult a gynecologist appeal to professionally deal with the cause of the problem.

Including will be examined by a gynecologist, get tested, get the results of diagnostic ultrasound.On the basis of this information, your doctor will decide on the appointment of necessary medicines and vitamins for women.Initially, your doctor may be voiced general recommendations for physical activity, diet, fatigue, giving up bad habits for both spouses together.There will also be given advice on the correct calculation of the time of conception.If these suggestions do not bring results, and may need medical treatment.At the planning stage of pregnancy women often prescribed drug use Proginova.Also receiving his doctors prescribe for women who are faced with abortion.Appointed Proginova use in the case of certain gynecological diseases.Contraindications
Proginova use when planning pregnancy

Proginova Use of the drug requires some contraindications - including pregnancy on term of 8 weeks, the period of breast-feeding, heart disease, liver, various tumor, diabetes, juvenile age.

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Features Proginova use of the drug during pregnancy planning

often a barrier to pregnancy becomes a thin layer endomeriya.The main function of the drug becomes Proginova seal the layer, increasing the likelihood of a reliable attachment of sperm.Ovulation suppressing action of the drug will not be.Also Proginova no effect on the hormonal background of the woman's body.

composition and use of the drug Proginova

main constituent components of this drug - estrogen and estradiol valerate.The function of the latter component is filling female body estrogen to reduce the risk of gynecological diseases.Due to the action of the synthetic hormone ovarian estrogen to women as possible to get rid of the problem of nervous disorders and headaches.

to stimulate pregnancy is assigned treatment with the drug Proginova.Usually Proginova contains 21 pills, with one reception per day.Accordingly, one packing intended for treatment for 3 weeks.Next week will break for the onset of menstruation.The drug is resumed on the eighth day.But in his article, we choose to focus only on the general scheme of treatment.In each case, the decision to appoint an individual course of treatment and additional recommendations should be made solely by the attending physician.

Warnings Proginova use of the drug during pregnancy planning

Proginova The preparation is not limited to tablets, can be in the form of a solution for intramuscular injection, gel or nasal spray.But the form of the drug should also be administered only by the attending physician.The drug can be taken only during the first weeks of pregnancy, if assigned to women who have had abortions.Effect of the drug Proginova promotes effective supply of the placenta, allowing you to reduce the chance of miscarriage during pregnancy.

Proginova drug is well tolerated by the body. That he allowed many women to experience the happiness of pregnancy, giving birth to a healthy baby. But strictly forbidden to use this drug in conjunction with medications, which include estrogen .The result of such a combination might be an overdose, uterine bleeding, nausea and vomiting.

If strict adherence to the recommendations on the use of the drug Proginova not yielded the desired results in the form of the ensuing pregnancy can be made certain conclusions.In particular, due to the ineffectiveness of the drug may be other diseases.Also, there is a possibility dead body to the drug.In any case, the following corrective actions should be co-ordinated with the attending physician.