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The consequences of fetal hypoxia

The consequences of fetal hypoxia

fetal hypoxia is uncommon problem during pregnancy or immediately at birth.Therefore, a pregnant woman is so important to understand the characteristics of this disease.In his article, we will talk about the nature of the problem, possible causes, risks and prevention methods of fetal hypoxia - useful information when planning a pregnancy or are already in the child-bearing.

What is fetal hypoxia during

medical term fetal hypoxia means lack of oxygen necessary for the development, growth and birth.The reasons for the lack of oxygen in tissues, cells and organs can be different.First of all, pay attention - during pregnancy a woman's body and the baby turns one.If there are any problems of the female body, and they affect on the child.Correctly will converse statement, expectant mother, too, it depends on the condition of their child.Therefore, the problem of fetal distress should be regarded as a complex process resulting from abnormalities of the female body.

Causes fetal hypoxia during pregnancy

For what reasons can be formed fetal hypoxia?These reasons may be different, but the most common - anemia women.Formed anemia resulting from a lack of blood cells in blood, with a reduction of the normal hemoglobin, without the possibility of oxygen transport in blood.It is also another cause of hypoxia can be cardiovascular diseases of the female body.Accordingly, system crashes, which supply blood to lead to problems with oxygen transporting blood.Lead to a threat to the woman and the fetus may be the presence of anomalies and diseases of the broncho-pulmonary system.

deserves special attention, and infection of the fetus, the reason may be that the circulation of the infection in the female body.Infection triggers abnormalities in fetal development, including the emergence of hypoxia.

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diagnosis of fetal hypoxia during pregnancy

diagnosis of fetal hypoxia is possible by results of US.In conclusion usually reported premature maturation of the placenta.To detect hypoxia can also be used cardiotocography and Doppler.

Risk of fetal hypoxia during pregnancy

Lack of oxygen can have acute or evolving form.This phenomenon is usually noticeable at birth.Although hypoxia may occur directly during pregnancy and at delivery reaches its climax.Availability of this issue confirms some irregularities in the systems and organs of the female body.

Among the possible consequences of fetal hypoxia, which arose in the early stages of pregnancy are called the wrong formation, development of systems and organs of the child, intrauterine growth retardation.In critical situations, hypoxia may induce death of the fetus, leading to spontaneous abortion.When
chronic hypoxia (characteristic of drinking and smoking among women), as a result of lack of oxygen child becomes exhausted.In this case there is the lag in the development of infants.Born on term of 40 weeks of pregnancy can baby weight within 2 kilograms, unable to adapt to the environment yourself - keep the body temperature and breathing normally.

fetal hypoxia in the later stages of pregnancy can provoke preterm labor and the emergence of an anomaly in labor.Also in difficult situations can lead to the defeat of the newborn, his frailty.

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consequences of fetal hypoxia during labor

lead to serious danger for the child can and hypoxia at birth - acute hypoxia.It arises as a result of entanglement of multiple baby by the umbilical cord, placental abruption or mistakes of doctors in childbirth.Determined by the severity of the scale Algar, for which the estimated child after birth.At lower evaluation score, the higher the risk of neurological disorders in the future - Variations in physical, mental development, psycho-speech delay, and hyperactive child.

Therefore, when the signs of hypoxia, already in the first stages of pregnancy, it is important to consult a doctor.He will be able to monitor the changes of pathology and pregnancy in a timely manner.This principle eliminates articulated in article consequences for the child.Reliable prevention of the problem - a healthy lifestyle with plenty of finding the fresh air, the establishment of a full diet, timely treatment to the doctor, the tranquility, the absence of stress and early diagnosis signs of hypoxia.

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