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How to restore a breast after birth

How to restore a breast after birth

known fact - the pregnancy is accompanied by certain hormonal changes a woman's body, under the influence of which the breast becomes firmer, lush and becomes a truly stunning look.Even women with relatively modest size of the breast, during pregnancy it is noted an increase is sure to please the woman herself and her husband.But we have to recognize that there is a downside - after giving birth is a problem of loss of breast forms, which loses much of its beautiful appearance and the same elasticity.In his article, we will look into the causes of these changes and the opportunity to correct the situation - in order to restore the beauty and resilience chest.However, to achieve the ideal result can be achieved only by following these recommendations comprehensively.

Methods for breast reconstruction after childbirth

To restore the breast in the postpartum period, you should not limit their action only on the use of exercise.It will approach this issue comprehensively, including paying special atten

tion and appropriate, balanced diet, adding necessary funds corresponding masks and creams, some suitable procedure.

It should be understood that the elasticity of a woman's breast is primarily affected by the state of the connective tissue.Therefore, the main task is to promote these tissues to achieve greater elasticity and beauty of the breast.

to draw the attention of the order on the recommendations of experts, to restore the state and the beauty of the breast in the postpartum period

Douches for breast reconstruction after childbirth

Douches - a rather pleasant procedure, contributing to strengthen the walls of blood vessels and connective tissue, which will contribute to a gradual recoverybreast forms.Also note other effects of a contrast shower - a feeling of cheerfulness, providing energy for the whole day.

therefore recommended to douche in the morning, pouring each breast for 10-15 seconds, with alternating warm and cool water.The total duration of the procedure should not be longer than 5 minutes.

Rubbing ice cubes in the reduction of the breast after birth

Wiping chest with ice cubes can be considered a good alternative for a contrast shower.Rubbing ice cubes breast is accompanied by stimulation of blood circulation, providing a benefit to the state of the breast.

mask from yogurt to restore the breast after birth

action of this mask leads to strengthen the chest muscles, which becomes more beautiful.The recipe mask - 100 ml.yogurt mixed with 2 tablespoons of honey.Apply this mask on both breasts for 15 minutes, washing it with warm water after this time.

Toning Mask walnuts for breast reconstruction after childbirth

peculiarity becomes a mask rich in vitamins for the restoration of saggy breasts and pulling the skin.The recipe mask - 5 walnut kernels to be crushed and mixed with 1 tablespoon of honey, 1 tbsp.spoon of butter and 1 egg yolk.After thorough mixing the mixture for 20 minutes, applied to both breasts.

Bra for breast reconstruction after childbirth

According to experts, competently selected lingerie becomes half the battle.Underwear should be intended not only for the beauty of the breast, but also for the maximum comfort of the woman.To do this, get optimally suitable bra.After all, your breasts, comfort and confidence is much more valuable than money.You should also pick one bra that will give comfort during workouts.Pick for employment should be clothes, which will be able to limit the mobility of the chest to avoid the discomfort of its "shocking" and possible extensions.

Creams for breast after birth

hydration and adequate food is given chest no less important than the hydration and nourishment of the skin.To this end, the choice offered various special creams décolleté.It should determine the firming cream, you can even with the addition of bulking.Typically, such a cream can be applied not more than 2 times per week, if another call is not specified in the instruction.In this case, during lactation, and after a period of lactation not need to rub moisturizing lotion every day.

Performing massage breasts after childbirth

The best option would be to combine the procedures of daily application of the cream with the massage chest.With regular use, this option is most effective to recover after a period of lactation.Alternately performed massaging the right and the left breast with the opposite hand - movement must necessarily be stroking towards the nipple.Do not touch during a massage the nipple, do not need much to compress the chest.Draw circles and rays from the nipple pumping movements, you can use the spiral grindings fingers from the nipple - perfect combination of these types of massage.

Exercise for breast reconstruction after childbirth

Apart from the tips, you can restore the breasts due to the complex some exercise.Consider the complex, including 5 of exercise - for their implementation will be needed just 15 minutes a day, improving tone effortlessly.Stop its attention on these exercises in detail.

first exercise for beauty and elasticity of the breast after birth

should stand up straight, arms stretched out in front of him, then begins the movement of the "scissors."Alternately be lowered and raised his hands, this movement continues for 1-2 minutes.

second exercise for the chest after birth

exercise should turn its face to the wall, doing push-ups on the wall of 10-15 times on the arm's length.

third exercise for better Breast postpartum

in both hands come from two half-liter plastic bottles of water.Become straight, legs spread shoulder width apart.Hands divorce in hand with the implementation of slow circular movements - made first in one direction, then in the other.Made 20 such movements in each direction, then proceed to the next exercise.

Exercise number 4 for the quick recovery of the breast after birth

Like still exercise, hands divorced in hand, holding dumbbells.Then slowly raise both arms up, maintain this position for 2-3 seconds, slowly dropping down.Exercise is repeated 8-10 times.

fifth exercise for a breast after birth

For this exercise, a woman stands on all fours, slightly lifting the feet, lifting them from the floor.In this exercise, try to be wrung out of 8-10 times.

Proper nutrition and following other recommendations in this article will help to achieve an early restoration of beauty and elasticity of the breast in the postpartum period.Therefore, you should consider in your daily diet sufficient levels of vitamins A, E and C, the contents of which are characterized by citrus and vegetables.

Tips for breast reconstruction after childbirth:

  • should be every day (can be several times a day) to inspect the chest, can not allow the emergence of inflammation and redness on her.

  • Every day is recommended to organize appropriate air baths for a breast - sessions can be up to several hours.

  • Do not use large amounts of cosmetic products, the more carefully rubbing them into the skin.

  • use a breast pump to be accurate.As their improper use can lead to stretch marks on his chest.

  • after breast-feeding, do not wipe a drop of milk to the nipple.

  • should not be too long to take a shower.Since under the influence of long baths dewatering skin.

  • Provide skin protection from the sun.After all, under the influence of sun exposure can form spots, wrinkles, laxity promoting connective tissues, on which the state and the beauty of the breast.

  • Be sure to wear bras that there is no stretching of the connective tissue of breast.

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