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The stomach after cesarean section

The stomach after cesarean section

women who had to endure in his life cesarean section, perfectly aware of the consequences of the operation for a stomach condition.It is therefore quite natural and common question among women after childbirth are possible ways to eliminate belly after cesarean section.It should be noted that the issue with all its relevance remains quite complicated.Because after birth by caesarean section is strictly forbidden to exercise the area with stitches.

unlikely that someone from young mothers want to walk half a saggy stomach, especially before beach season.Hence, it is important and useful to consider the appropriate means for getting rid of the consequences for the stomach after cesarean section.In his article, we plan to determine the effective recommendations for the normalization of the type and condition of the abdomen after the operation - in order to restore their confidence in the sexuality and beauty.

How to get rid of belly after cesarean

Note the ban to take some action in the first two mon

ths after birth.Therefore, think about some measures to deal with saggy belly is possible only after six to eight weeks after a caesarean section.However, something can be done only if the permission of the doctor of physical activity after delivery.It is important to understand - in any case not allowed to download the press.Increases physical activity should gradually to the usual recommended start walking outdoors.Although women in any case have to walk with your child every day.Such a walk with the baby give optimum load for all groups of muscles, if you stick to a moderately quick step.This movement for optimum results need to be at least 40-60 minutes a day.Do not worry, that these walks will not like her baby - babies fall asleep much easier during rocking.Due to the fast pace of traffic and unable to provide a similar motion sickness in a wheelchair while driving.

After returning home when the baby falls asleep, you should allocate 10-15 minutes to perform a small charge.If the doctor allows the execution of exercise can be recommended 10 slopes in different directions, 5-10 movements in the press and 10 sit-ups.It should also be borne in mind that to get rid of the press after giving birth is suitable and familiar daily work - wash your hands flooring, hand wash underwear and so on. This will ensure the active cleaning of all the muscles of your body.

When the child woke up, pay attention to it - play with him, this activity also will get rid of the belly.A child between the ages of three months can be used as a kind of simulator - he put on his chest and downs do with it, the type of swing press.

can also recommend another exercise - get up before the child on all fours, sucking rhythmically press and relaxing at the same time playing with him.In fact, there are a large number of similar exercises - to find them sufficiently familiar with the information on thematic sites and forums dedicated to young mothers.

should also be noted that the retraction of the abdomen - the most effective exercise to tighten the abdominal muscles.Therefore, this exercise is part of a complex of exercises of Pilates, yoga and Bodyflex.It is also important to remember about proper breathing during exercise.It should be understood that, thanks to a clear and rhythmic breathing, combined with simple exercises can achieve quite effective results.Bodyflex, by the way, is based just on the breath, so special attention should be given exercises included in this weight loss system.But it is important to adhere to not only exercise and walking, but also proper, balanced diet, without which the optimal outcome is unthinkable.Just by well-prepared meal programs can get rid of the stomach, preventing weight gain.

Therefore, the main rule for getting rid of belly after giving birth becomes a balanced diet - do not overeat.It should be sufficient to limit in your diet and sweet baked goods, to minimize smoking and fatty foods.If you wish to look beautiful and you need to limit sweet, fat and flour.You can recommend a fiber-rich cereals, dairy products, fruits, not from drinking - not soda and juices.In fact to get rid of stomach after cesarean enough desire and respect we have considered simple rules that were soon to enjoy the tangible result.

How to get rid of belly after cesarean - that do not cost

  • Even with a strong desire to get rid of stomach after cesarean section, still do not exhaust yourself using strict diets.For a woman needed a complete, balanced nutrition to cope with the increased load in the care of the child.The kid also needs to get milk, which can be obtained only from the mother - she will certainly be attentive to their nutrition, and supplement their diet with vitamin complexes, recommended by the attending physician.

  • forbidden to eat for two.It's quite a misconception that has become common among many women, but modern medicine has repeatedly denied the allegation.Postpartum women should not eat as if eats last.Naturally, the rate of consumption of food in this period increases.If possible, try not to focus on useless and too high-calorie foods that are sometimes even harmful to health.Otherwise, the likelihood is high that the woman did not get rid of the stomach after a caesarean section, but on the contrary even more better.It is strongly recommended to follow the advice of your doctor and dietitian to your diet healthy food.

  • Even with an effort in the near future to get rid of the stomach after a caesarean section, you should not immediately resort to grueling sports.A woman's body, especially for scarring of the uterus needs rest.But this does not indicate the need to abandon any physical activity.Among very safe types of activity that provide a positive effect on the figures, noteworthy home cleaning, walking down the street with a stroller, lightweight active dancing, wearing a baby in her arms.Therefore, it is possible to adhere to a pleasant daily activities, without overtaxing providing for themselves a good rest.