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Breast after birth

Breast after birth

Every woman wants to keep a nice and elastic breast, and after birth, like millipara.But in fact, such a result for the mere desire is not enough - you need to take a set of appropriate measures.It does not mean that to maintain beautiful breasts you need to give up breast-feeding - Physiology has been able to prove that this process is not particularly leads to changes in a woman's breasts after pregnancy and lactation.On the breast affected mainly committed other factors, first of all - women care about the neckline.About a quarter of a woman's breast is filled with adipose tissue, to ¾ - glandular.
The mission of glandular lobules (20 pieces) becomes milk production.At puberty, under the influence of hormones, growth and development of glandular lobules.Chest acquires its final size and appearance to the age of 20-23 years.However, pregnancy leads to significant influence for breast cancer, there is at this time preparing for the upcoming lactation breast.When pregnancy continues preparations gland

ular lobules to the milk, taking an active part directly during lactation, after the cessation of breastfeeding reduced and restored to its original state.In rare cases, they may be slightly less than the periparturient size.

Consequently, significant changes occur as the female breast.If you do not resort to some complex actions, it will be difficult to restore prenatal breast shape after childbirth and breastfeeding.

Methods for breast reconstruction after childbirth

The first and one of the major steps to preserve the beauty of their breasts after childbirth becomes a helpful weight control.If not paid due attention to the change in weight, increases the risk of stretch marks.Weight gain during pregnancy should not be more than 8-10 kg.If you can not keep the weight off in the designated rules, use specific exercises aimed at strengthening the bust, also useful to use cold water.This is useful to perform exercises to strengthen the bust before pregnancy - increasing the chances for the prevention of problematic changes in the breast in the postpartum period.Action cold water helps to strengthen and tone the skin with improved blood circulation, the fibers of breast tissue and blood vessels are elastic and more resilient.

After regular contrast shower should be rubbing his chest with a towel - this approach will help to improve blood circulation and prepare the nipples for the upcoming nursing.For the state of the breast skin important during pregnancy and the postpartum period is given the correct diet.At the critical time of pregnancy and breast-feeding the child the importance assigned to receive the necessary vitamins and minerals - as a result of their deficit problems with the skin condition.

habitual diet must include the consumption of cereals (for the body will provide the necessary vitamins B), fresh fruits and vegetables, berries (different vitamins C), eggs, liver, carrots (vitamin A), cottage cheese.The normal level of calcium in the organism can be maintained due to the consumption of milk and dairy products.To normalize the level of iron is recommended the consumption of meat, legumes and cereals.Fluoride can be derived from fish.Particular attention should be given bananas and tomatoes, containing valuable for the female body potassium.

Cream for breast reconstruction after childbirth

To prevent stretch marks on his chest, you can use special creams.If you start using them early pregnancy and the entire period of breastfeeding, allow to provide very effective results.These creams contain in their composition certain natural substances, including oils, extracts, providing a tonic effect and making the skin more elastic.

If necessary braces or if there is prerequisites for this (it is a factor considered pregnancy and breast-feeding), you need to buy a high quality cream with the addition of expensive active ingredients - only under this condition can achieve greater effect, but are not limited simply wetting the top layer of skin.Creams with a massage are the key to effective, comprehensive protection against the formation of stretch marks.

deserves special attention as underwear.In particular, you should choose bras that provide a uniform retention of the load increases in breast size.It is recommended to buy cotton bras with wide straps and back.It is also essential that the edge of the cups covered not only the lower part of the chest, and its entirety.

Experts recommend a bra to sleep, even for the prevention of sagging breasts.However, it is necessary to choose soft bra (without fasteners and seeds), cotton and comfortable, this optimum is to use special tops.

set of exercises for breast reconstruction after childbirth

After the birth of a healthy baby should continue to pay due attention to his chest, but in this package of measures will make certain amendments.Including will completely abandon the contrast shower during lactation - not allowed hypothermia chest.Then it becomes necessary to perform almost gentle hand massage the breasts.It helps not just massaging areas with stagnant breast milk (which can be dangerous to mastitis), but also helps to improve blood circulation, helping to strengthen the chest.

importance is given and the observance of certain rules when feeding the child.First of all, should be to choose the optimum position, including on its side, placing a pillow under the arm.This will lower the chest to keep on weight, thereby reducing the stretching of the skin.The skin is stretched and under the influence of a manual breast pump, so try to give up such a need (but you can use a breast pump).It should be controlled to approximately the same volume of milk was maintained in both breasts.Applying the baby they should be serially - first one breast, then to the other alternately.

sure to remember about the features of effective exercises, but not using the goods.In fact, in this period to find time to practice hard, although considerable waste of time for these measures would be required:

  • exercise stand upright with his hands "at the seams" with the implementation of the circular movement of the shoulders - forward, then backward.Care should be taken not to tilt your head at this exercise.

  • repeat the first exercise, carrying arms outstretched swings in a circle - forward, then back, then to the opposite sides (right hand forward, left - back, then vice versa).

  • hands add up the front of the chest, palm to palm abut vertically (like as in prayer).We arrange the elbows to the sides, to remain at the same level, forming a straight line.Further, with the force of the palm abut each other, holding their voltage for a few seconds, then back to relax.This exercise is repeated several times.

  • Stand near a wall, push-ups starting from it.

  • stands next to a wall, leaning on her hands at chest level, pressing firmly on the wall, as if to her to "move."

  • become straight, without bending the wall.Hands add up to the castle for the buttocks, raise them back up the highest possible, but need to maintain a level posture.Next, count to ten, and then try to raise their hands even higher (if possible) once again to count to ten.

should perform at least one exercise each day, or combine some exercises, the best option - the regular performance of the set of all these exercises.And always be sure to monitor your posture.

After a period of breast-feeding a baby breast should recover by returning to the previous settings.When you save certain claims to the shape of the breast, you can continue taking care of her beauty.

Including you can go to beauty salons: they will be offered a bath with sea water, vibration, vacuum and other massagers.Also quite useful and are liftingovye procedures to normalize skin tone.

production means for lifting is based on seafood: have the form of masks, which are superimposed in the upper chest to the breast skin.These procedures allow for regular performance of the funds to provide the necessary lift for the mineral components of the body, contributing to the removal of excess tissue fluid.It also provides a beneficial effect for the breast skin orange juice, lemon and cucumber.For this purpose pieces of data products obkladyvaya neck and neck.

can also recommend a skin wash decoction of wild rose, green tea, chamomile and mats.If the douche was contraindicated during lactation, after breastfeeding temperature changes will only be useful to the chest.

can not be limited, not only procedures with contrasting shower, you can wipe the skin with ice cubes - used earlier frozen herbal teas.Then the skin is pounded his chest in a circular motion with your fingertips or the edge of his hand.

should also take into account the benefit of the required exercises.The intensity of the exercise after the cessation of breast-feeding can be gradually increased.Including the sequence can be increased stress and complicate the exercise.

if necessary to achieve a rapid effect, can be combined gymnastic exercises at home and training in the gym.Especially helpful is and swimming.To maintain the beauty of the breast after birth, the first and most important condition - the desire to restore the beauty of the woman.If you follow the proper technique and consideration of rules a woman can confidently expect a positive result.