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Maternity leave

Maternity leave

With the approaching birth increases a woman's desire to see the long-awaited child, while forgetting about the external affairs and everyday life.Now women want and should concentrate on preparing for future delivery.At the same time during the last weeks of a woman carrying a child is faced with special fatigue and the need to rest.At this time, significantly increases the stomach with a total mass of the body, there remains a constant desire to sleep, not working and doing daily chores.For this purpose the state to protect the interests of pregnant women and maternity leave was approved.

Features and terms of maternity leave

decree is maternity leave.Accommodation is provided for women at work before the birth and for some time thereafter.Article 255 of the Labour Code regulates the right of maternity leave for every woman in the country.This document confirms that for women the length of the holiday is 70 calendar days before childbirth and 70 days after.

These terms apply to women who give bi

rth to a child without postnatal complications.If there are complications during childbirth after birth increases the duration of up to 86 days.The number of days in multiple pregnancies, according to the legislation increases.In this case, the term holiday is 84 calendar before the birth and 110 days after.Out in the decree is to receive social insurance benefits - equal to the average wage.Woman on vacation receive benefits for pregnancy and childbirth.

In accordance with applicable law, be granted maternity leave may be all women.It's enough to give his statement in writing and sick leave.This vacation will be cut when the application proved to be later than the date of the date of issue certificate of incapacity.Accordingly, the change and the amount received by a woman.Specific dates depend on the timing of the release sheet of temporary disability.If the application for leave the woman has not been compiled, it will be provided with regard to the date of sick leave.Issued maternity leave by order of the organization.

Can a woman go out to work during maternity leave?

Often there are situations when a woman continues to work even in maternity leave.Or, if leave to care for a child she still attends work or working at home.At the same time according to the law a woman has a right to withdraw from maternity leave to work before the deadline or part-time (when the child can take care of the father or other relatives).

Part time - less than the rate of 8 hours.A woman has the right to refuse such an option in order to fully focus on the care of the child.This requires the submission of an application with the conclusion of an agreement with the employer on the abolition of the work in part-time work.It imposes a duty on employers to follow the signed order.

What should be considered before the birth of twins?

granted the right to maternity leave may, for all working women.Including workers under an employment contract for up to 2 months, and while working part-time.

The woman retains the right to fully paid leave that may be granted before maternity leave or after it or after leave to care for a child.The employer has no right to the dismissal of a woman on maternity leave.Exceptions are possible only in case of liquidation of the company, which gave the woman a job.

When leaving for work before the end of maternity leave allowance payments cease.At interruption of the holiday, or continuing to work, being in it, to give a salary, the employer will have to recalculate this manual.But the benefit is not terminated in the case of a woman working at home during leave to care for a child.Full payment is made, the salary provided for the time actually worked.To exit the employment of women will be enough to write a statement.Women at work on several jobs at once, after the publication of maternity leave may receive benefits from all their jobs - not only with the main, but also in combination.