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Hemorrhoids after delivery

Hemorrhoids after delivery

widely believed that women hemorrhoids is a disease associated with genes and heredity.Of course, in many respects there is a grain of truth in these beliefs - women are actually more likely to have to deal with the problem, and the genes are important.Hemorrhoids may occur for various reasons.The problem is common enough in one of the most beautiful moments of life - during pregnancy, sometimes making it difficult to enjoy all the charms and peculiarities of this amazing time.But it is often after childbirth a woman has to face the problem of hemorrhoids.

Immediately it is worth considering that postpartum hemorrhoids are not uncommon.If he was still during pregnancy, the situation is simpler.Indeed, in this case, it will be easier and more efficient to treat it after birth - to be responsible only for yourself.Although, of course, breast-feeding should be attentive to the choice of drugs, because they affect the milk for the baby.As a rule, women giving birth, and especially know the secrets of get

ting rid of postpartum hemorrhoids.

But in a situation where a woman is faced with this problem for the first time, there is a lot of questions - what should be done, who to contact, what drugs to use.Therefore, we consider the problem more particularly for your confidence.

Hemorrhoids after delivery - more about the disease

Hemorrhoids refers to the manifestations of varicose veins.But this happens in the case of inflammation, and the expansion of a vein located around the rectum.There is an overflow of blood venous plexus, leading to the appearance of blood stagnation, also called hemorrhoids.Similar assemblies formed during pregnancy for various reasons.

Among the most important reasons for getting uterine pressure that comes against the veins of the lower body.When adding malnutrition, constipation, sedentary work and hereditary factors, hemorrhoids becomes very likely.Therefore, during childbirth, when there is a significant effect on the blood vessels due to attempts, moreover, at the birth of a child is quite large, still have to face the unpleasant problem of hemorrhoids.

Symptoms of hemorrhoids after childbirth

Hemorrhoids, depending on the particular form and may manifest itself in different ways.Women during the period of acute discomfort and face severe pains that occur in the anus.At the same time, there is a burning sensation and itching in the anus.Will exacerbate symptoms during defecation, although may slightly subside with time, sometimes flowing even without specific symptoms.

sensation of incomplete emptying, not strong discomfort in the anus and tingling - these symptoms do not immediately attract attention.But when you add to all this bloody feces, and sometimes loss of hemorrhoids, the woman begins to urgently seek a solution to the problem.

If solving the problem of hemorrhoids do not pay due attention to, over time it reaches the chronic form.In this period there is a significant increase in bleeding hemorrhoids, even as a result of physical activity occurs loss of nodes that need to manually reposition (although nodes first fell back into place on their own, without any third-party influence).

treatment of hemorrhoids after childbirth

If hemorrhoids arose largely as a direct result of pregnancy (when a woman before with such a problem not encountered), and observed the earliest symptoms, do not particularly worry about.Experts believe that in such situations, hemorrhoids can be effectively cured without serious effort.Just important timely recourse to the doctor, so as not to run the existing problem.

for treatment of postpartum hemorrhoids are fairly simple ways:

  • Always observe good personal hygiene. After each trip to the toilet you need to wash with cool water, which will significantly alleviate the condition.Cool water can significantly reduce pain.

  • Exercise. necessarily require appropriate load that will normalize the blood circulation in the pelvis.It does not mean that you should immediately enroll in the fitness room - even a casual walk through will be able to effectively solve the problem of hemorrhoids.

  • Special diet for constipation. It should pay particular attention to your diet.It should completely abandon the heavy meals, more preferred are fruits and vegetables.

  • drugs. The choice today are numerous gels, ointments, tablets and suppositories for hemorrhoids.In the period after the birth is better to stick to the doctor's recommendations to drugs can not cause problems during breastfeeding.

  • Folk remedies. Of course, there are some effective methods, but it is important not to overdo it.The number of folk remedies today is impressive, but not all of them can help with the problem, some even lead to the risk of navredit.Svoevremennaya competent diagnosis and treatment of hemorrhoids can get rid of the disease after a few months.