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Stretch marks after childbirth

Stretch marks after childbirth

Among the main challenges for the pregnant woman is traditionally observed skin problems.After all, as a result of childbirth likely appearance of stretch marks, especially without appropriate prevention of this problem.Stretch marks after childbirth are quite unpleasant blemishes, which reflects the loss of skin elasticity.The reason for such a situation can be a variety of factors, including hormonal changes in the body, weight fluctuations, lack of care for their skin.

But it is important to realize that stretch marks are not a mandatory thing.It is possible to avoid such a problem, if you first take care of the matter.It is much easier to prevent the appearance of stretch marks, than to deal with their disposal.But getting rid of them can be simply provided no immediate effect, need time and diligence.

Preventing stretch marks after giving birth

To reduce the risk of post-natal stretch marks, you should take care in advance about the state of their skin - before pregnancy.This requires normali

zation of weight, avoiding abrupt changes in its future.The diet should be varied food, with enough vitamins and minerals.During pregnancy should be carefully monitored weight gain.

Among the mandatory factors being normal and good appearance during pregnancy gets enough sleep from a good rest.Gradually, during the period of pregnancy is necessary to change their preference for underwear underwear.After the bra should support tyazheleyuschuyu chest.After 3-4 months of pregnancy, you can choose a special locking ring: the skin is not overly stretched, will remove the burden of the spine.

fairly effective means of prevention against stretch marks becomes water - perfect douche.Although the possible options with a variety of special baths, but the water should not be hot.Complement your bath can be sea salt or herbal decoction - chamomile, St. John's wort, yarrow, lavender.We also recommend that after sauna procedures rubbed into the skin a variety of toning and moisturizing cosmetics - ointments, creams or gels.Particular attention to the traditional problem areas, which are the abdomen, buttocks and breasts.

perfect complement those funds are not just for the bath, but at other times - they can be used every day or several times a week.

How to remove stretch marks after giving birth?

If prevention does not work, for getting rid of stretch marks can be offered different methods.For best results, we recommend alternating or combining them based on modern means of cosmetology and traditional folk recipes.

among the known folk remedies, we note again the water - including complex rubbing, wraps and massages.Great help can also douche, bath time (adding starch on the basis of 300 gr. 2 liters of water in the bath).There compresses to problem areas of the body, which are formed on extensions: compress using a mixture of 1 liter.water with a teaspoon of lemon juice and salt.

dipped in a solution of hot towel, applying for 30 the problem area.Then soaked in cold water, apply to the former place.The cold can effectively restore skin elasticity.To get rid of stretch marks is pretty common rubbing ice.

proven themselves and rubbing with a towel.Grinding performed after water treatment to redness.Massage has a positive effect and tingling - a favorable effect on blood microcirculation, the skin receives oxygen and nutrients.

But massage should be performed by a competent person with experience in the profession and understand the special techniques.For self-massage important additions are a variety of moisturizing and nourishing creams, you should use, and aromatic oils.

presents various anti-Stretch marks in different forms.But it is important to consider that the choice should be made individually.Various drugs are unlikely to fit all cases the appearance of stretch marks.

Among aeromasel most effectively cope with stretch marks oils of lavender, geranium, mint, mandarin, carnation and patchouli.Aromatic oil before use add to the oil-based (grape, apricot kernel, olive, etc.), Applying it during a massage.

If we talk about professional tools to deal with stretch marks, offers a wealth of choices available.In particular, you can get rid of stretch marks due to physical therapy, injections or even surgery.

Physiotherapy methods for getting rid of stretch marks after giving birth:

  • Grinding laser.Exposure to the laser allows the connective tissue to destroy the stretch, contributing to the restoration of elastic fibers.

  • radiolifting and myostimulation (involved an electric current of a certain frequency, it has a beneficial effect on blood circulation, stimulating the production of elastin and collagen).

  • Microdermabrasion and peels.The skin is polished using fine abrasive elements, allowing to remove the top layer has a positive effect on blood circulation, accelerating the emergence of new cells.

Injection methods against stretch marks after giving birth:

  • ozone and mesotherapy.Under the skin are special cocktails containing drugs and vitamins.Any possible injection of medical ozone.The drugs help restore damaged skin, positively affecting the overall microcirculation, helping to restore elasticity and natural color.

  • Reinforcement with gold threads.For this gold thread are introduced into the deeper skin layers.Gold helps to restore the natural properties of flexibility and elasticity of the skin, the thread form a special "base."

If these methods do not bring the desired effect, it is up to surgery - tummy tuck to remove Stretch marks.It's worth noting that the operation is fairly expensive, time-consuming, suggesting the removal of stretch marks with the skin and the need for recovery time.

Accordingly, the indications for surgical intervention occur only in extreme cases when only streamers are the result of the child's birth.The procedure is sometimes combined with the implementation of mesotherapy or laser resurfacing, allowing to get rid of stretch marks or small postoperative sutures.