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Status of the uterus after cesarean section

Status of the uterus after cesarean section

for delivery with cesarean section is required to adhere to good care, care immediately after birth.So many women who decide to give birth by caesarean section, given the variety of medical conditions, ask questions quite natural - that they will be expected in the future.How to perform this operation will affect the condition of the scar and the uterus.Given to this subject due attention, considered common questions pregnant women.

Possible complications of the uterus after cesarean

perform any surgery in any case involves some loss of blood.The degree of blood loss at caesarean section involves increasing blood loss - in the range 500-1000 ml.Female body is unable to cope with the problem, so carried intravenous blood plasma.Sometimes after surgery may cause adhesions - seam between the internal organs and intestines.

If we talk about female genitalia can develop inflammation of the uterus - endomyometritis.Caesarean section increases the likelihood of such effects as compared to the occurrence

of a natural birth.Therefore, doctors prescribe the use of a course of antibiotics to ensure the prevention of uterine inflammation.It depends course of antibiotics on the current state of women after childbirth.

It is understood that a cesarean section comes to a deterioration of uterine contractions compared to natural childbirth.After crossing occurs, the uterine muscle injury.Given this characteristic, too, need more therapy aimed at improving the ability of the uterus to contract.Appointed by this therapy in the nursing home after an operation - its duration is 5 days.

nurse for post-operative weeks to be lubricated regularly formed scar on the uterus, with the use of antiseptics.Also to be changed regularly bandages maternity.When the incision sutured with absorbable material, wound treatment is performed in the same mode without having to remove the stitches.Absorption occurs at these joints 65-80 days after the operation, without the need for therapeutic intervention.

postoperative scar on the uterus after cesarean

scar formed on the skin of a woman about a week after cesarean section.After this period it will be possible to take a shower, but with the only caveat - while not rub the scar washcloth to avoid any danger of inflammation.To do this will need to wait a week, subject to a favorable healing.

also be understood that the scar is able to remind yourself for quite a long period - from 6 to 12 months.The reason for such a situation, it becomes a violation of the integrity of the nerve endings in the course of the operation - to recover them will require a long period of time.

This woman after cesarean section is recommended after 1.5-2 months to begin the exercise, aimed at restoring and strengthening the abdominal muscles.In more developed muscles before pregnancy, the less will be the fat layer under the skin of the abdomen, with the speedy healing of surgical wounds.It depends on the lifestyle of healing after the operation.During this period, you need to limit excessive tension of the abdominal muscles and lifting weights.

postpartum recovery of the uterus after cesarean

Women often ask the question - when we can restore an intimate relationship with your partner after a cesarean section.Just say that this period does not depend on the choice of delivery - will be the same for cesarean section and natural childbirth.After delivery, the uterus is an extensive wound, which can easily become infected.Healing the wounds occurred accompanied by the appearance lochia (discharge).The uterine lining will be fully restored for a period of up to 8 weeks, with the cessation of emissions.

scar on the uterus after cesarean section should recover even before planning the next pregnancy.It is recommended to wait after cesarean section two or three years.This period is optimal that the uterus is able to recover, and the resulting scar.

It is also important to add that there can be consensus on the possibility of doctors to perform a cesarean section after vaginal delivery.If desired, the second time a woman to give birth naturally, require early and careful preparation, consultations with a doctor and following his instructions.

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