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Hair loss after childbirth

Hair loss after childbirth

Pregnancy brings to life every woman serious changes, which must be finished.Manifests the body of a pregnant woman changes may vary, the entire period of gestation of the child takes place individually.Just have to be ready for some possible changes in their health status and mood.Among these potential problems can be identified and hair loss, women face after childbirth.Of course, this problem begins to excite and disturb every woman that are important to its appearance and confidence.

But panic ahead of time in such a situation should not - stay calm, which in this case is extremely important.Similar problems can be resolved with the correct help, we will try to bring proven tips for such cases.In this article we consider the basic and most common causes that can lead to hair loss intensity.Also, examine the possible ways to get rid of this scourge.Why postpartum woman may face the problem of intensive hair loss?

cause of the problem of hair loss after birth is largely due to the fact that during

pregnancy is maintained elevated levels of the hormone estrogen, which has been possible thanks to the extension of the hair cycle.Therefore, the problem of hair loss is effectively prevented.But after the birth of the female hormone level is reduced, which leads to the natural process of hair loss.Therefore premature to panic in such a situation it is not necessary.Do not immediately apply for the purchase of a wig, the situation can be corrected in a natural way.But this requires a comprehensive approach to solving the problem by means of which will be able to restore your natural hair.Consider the article details what methods will allow a woman to restore your hair after childbirth.Lay off


often postpartum women making all attempts to restore its pre-natal fitness, choosing to do all sorts of harmful for the body diet and starting active exercise, fitness.But it is important to understand that such active steps lead to the depletion of important nutrients a woman's body, which further contributes to hair loss after childbirth.

To restore normal levels of nutrients in the body, preventing the problem of post-partum hair loss, you should carefully consider your diet, give preference to a balanced diet, do not forget about vitamins, designed for nursing mothers.

hormone prolactin

«Milk» hormone prolactin leads to a reduction in the level of estrogen, especially at weaning.Natural feeding becomes an important prerequisite for the health of the child, providing the adjustment of postpartum hormonal imbalances, allowing to reduce the problem of hair loss.

stress as a cause of hair loss after childbirth

active cause of postpartum hair loss can be regular stress and chronic sleep deprivation.During the first postnatal months, it will be difficult to resist the various typical issues and responsibilities arising.But such adaptation should be possible to deal peacefully.If you experience fatigue and lack of sleep regularly, it is better to ask for help from the family, so we could take a break from child care.

Hair loss after childbirth - gentle care

To get rid of the problem of intense precipitation should consider some professional advice:

  • recommend to update a haircut to resume steady growth of natural hair.

  • When installing better to abandon the tight metal pins and rubber bands.

  • hair after washing should be dry, only then you can comb

  • better to dry your hair in the usual natural way using hair dryers, curling irons and ironing is only a minimum.

  • Do not forget about the headdress in hot or cold weather.

  • Perm in the case of heavy hair loss is forbidden, so it is best to postpone this procedure.

  • hair should be painted with paints based on bezamiachnoy or toning agents.

  • hair should be restored with the help of masks containing natural ingredients and ampoules against hair loss.

also conclusion of the article should be emphasized - an important guarantee in the struggle with the problem of intensive hair loss becomes competent help in beauty salons.Experienced professionals such salons can offer service diagnostics of hair, the results of which will be determined by the preferred measures for effective recovery.It remains only to determine the most suitable option.Do not panic and do nothing with hair loss - just select the appropriate solutions of our recommendations to re-enjoy the desired natural hair.

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