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Vaginal birth after candles

Vaginal birth after candles

postpartum recovery, women often implies the need to use different drugs and medicines.Including the list of medical preparations which are intended for physical recovery of the female body, also includes suppositories.Their use is recommended for women whose births were accompanied by tears.But in the period after childbirth vaginal suppositories are sometimes needed to treat existing inflammation.Consider the article features of vaginal suppositories, recommendations for their use in the postpartum period.

vaginal suppositories for postpartum healing

Well, when are successful childbirth without causing consequences for the woman's body.Not all births are accompanied by tears.But in most cases, the microcracks occur in the vagina.The need for timely healing of these wounds.Since the vagina and perineum without a postpartum recovery after childbirth may experience a decrease in sexual desire, the appearance of scarring, urinary incontinence.If not provided careful attention to these areas immediate

ly after birth, there is a risk of infectious diseases.

When microcracks, fractures, additional funds are needed hygiene products, surface treatment of wounds and stitches.Use of this can be solution of potassium permanganate, hydrogen peroxide.But experts now agree that such post-natal effects should be treated with vaginal suppositories.Their action contributes to rapid healing, formation of optimal vaginal flora, mitigation of internal tissues, a positive effect on overall physical recovery of the body.A feature of the suppository becomes as easy and convenient to use - with a deep introduction of the night for the recovery of reproductive organs through treatment components during the rest women.To select the most appropriate candles individually should consult a doctor.

vaginal suppositories after childbirth to treat infections

Now, let's talk about the careful attention to healing of microcracks formed.After all, the presence of microcracks on the background of weakened immunity and fatigue postpartum women can lead to the appearance of certain inflammatory processes.Development candidiasis of genitals can be caused even by the course of the child's birth.In the presence of favorable conditions for the disease, it can make itself felt in a fairly short time.Particular attention should be yeast.It is accompanied by a cheesy-white vaginal discharge, itching, pain during urination.

If any symptoms should not delay the campaign to the doctor for the future.After all, there is a risk of the child contracting candidiasis.Parts of the fungus in the acute form of the disease may circulate in the blood.After contact with the mother's milk in the organs and tissues, they may be in the body of the child.For women in similar situations provided for the appointment of a harmless, effective and non-toxic pimafutsin.Nystatin and pimafutsin in the form of vaginal suppositories can perfectly be combined with drugs.Candles contribute fairly quickly get rid of the problem of thrush.

vaginal suppositories for postpartum contraception

After birth, gradually restored the habitual rhythm of life of women, including sexual relations.Again, when an intimate relationship raises an important question of contraception.Even if there is a high probability of lactation pregnancy.Therefore, vaginal suppositories are a popular and effective means of contraception as pregnancy.

With a choice of preferred vaginal suppositories tell the attending gynecologist, depending on the individual.Even women without allergies can sometimes do not take certain drugs.No need to be guided by the advice of her friends, and advertisements.While some drugs are suitable for some, while others can not stand them.

the Women's Forum, the topic generates regular discussions that do not want to give any of the parties.Quite often, the discussion continued use of candles for treatment of erosion during pregnancy.Many women start self-treatment of postpartum eroded by certain suppositories.But in any case, be taken into account - these independent initiatives can lead to the aggravation of the situation.Therefore, despite the variety of employment and concerns a young mother, a visit to a specialist is needed to clarify the relevant funds and programs of the upcoming treatment.

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