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Rupture of the cervix during labor

Rupture of the cervix during labor

During childbirth uterine cervix is ​​very important.From the opening of the cervix actually will depend on the start of the second stage of labor - pushing.During labor contractions (when there is intense contraction of the muscles of the uterus) occurs on the cervix uterine mouth (circle).Through it from the uterus to the outside, and will move the fetus during labor.Achieving the diameter of the circle should be 10-12 centimeters.Only after reaching this diameter will begin the second stage of labor - at this time and have to make an effort to "push" the fruit.

But experience suggests that there may be some other situation.In particular.In the event of any attempts that have not yet disclosed the cervix.When a woman starts to make an effort at this time, the uterine cervix is ​​not able to handle the pressure, ruptures occur.This situation becomes most common reason for the formation of discontinuities.That is why often experts say that women themselves are to blame for the rupture of cervical pop

pies.It is necessary to begin to push only when indications from the medical staff.But are such claims justified?We will try to consider this issue in detail in this article.

gap cervix: causes problems

Such birth defects can occur for several main reasons.From observations we can say that the gaps in most cases occur among nulliparous women.This may be gaps of varying degrees (of breaks can be three degrees), violent (for surgery) or spontaneous.

consider the main reasons that can lead to the appearance of discontinuities:

  • Reduced elasticity of the uterine cervix.

  • Premature attempts at which have not happened sufficient disclosure of the cervix.

  • perform operations on the uterine cervix.

  • late childbirth.

  • of infection in the uterus.

  • scars formed after childbirth or abortion.

  • Having a large baby.

  • Rapid delivery.

  • breech delivery.

  • Operational childbirth with forceps.

  • and other less common situations.

course, not in each of these cases there are gaps uterine cervix.In most cases of cervical rupture occurs while a combination of these factors.In particular, by incomplete disclosure cervix and the birth of a large child simultaneously.

course, the cervix is ​​always a gap becomes unpleasant phenomenon, but often simply unavoidable.Some statistics show that almost half of all births accompanied by perineal and uterine cervix.

Consequences of cervical

Such pathology can lead to different consequences, which is largely dependent on the severity of any gaps and taking care.The break neck specialists diagnosed quite easily.When the neck breaks problem of bleeding, although not in all cases.For every woman in today's hospitals invited to survey doctors using mirrors are caused cervical disease after birth.It is important to bear in mind that any gaps, including the complex or not, sutured using kedguda.The special care do not need stitches.You just need two months to abstain from sex.

Improper suturing (cervical or uterine rupture appeared undetected) there may be some unpleasant consequences.In particular, there is a risk of inflammation of the uterus and vagina area.Improper wound or damage the cervix is ​​not able to cope with childbirth, at times even with the pregnancy, which could face premature labor or miscarriage.

main danger which involves nezashitye breaks is eversion uterine cervix, in the future it could lead to oncological diseases.

Prevention break cervix

primary prevention of a possible rupture of uterine cervix - the correct passage of birth.In many ways, the correct course of delivery will depend directly on new mothers.Experts for pregnant women are strongly advised to consider their own body, do not forget about the recommendations of obstetricians.At the beginning of birth is important to deal with the first period of attempts before come full disclosure (not push), adhering to proper breathing techniques.

recommended for the prevention of the use of antispasmodic drugs for effective disclosure of the uterine cervix, anesthesia delivery, if necessary.Yet the most important thing - it is necessary to provide for the likelihood of infringement of the uterine cervix.