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Acne after childbirth

Acne after childbirth

One of the pressing issues in the various online resources for pregnant women is skin condition after birth.Indeed, the newly minted women notice the deterioration of skin appear dark spots, acne does not occur before peeling or other possible symptoms.Why did these changes occur when the facial skin after childbirth is facing problems?

reason for this problem is the high level of progesterone (a female hormone) throughout the period of pregnancy.It was his increased amount and allowed to maintain the skin in the best condition.Therefore, the leather women looked especially velvety, supple, there is no pimples.The concentration of this hormone after birth begins to decline significantly, and therefore there is a corresponding reaction of the skin.

After the decline in hormone significantly deterioration of the skin, it becomes problematic, dry spots appear expressed.In addition, it is extremely difficult to find the necessary time for skin care after childbirth that will exacerbate the natural react

ion.What should be done in such a situation?First of all, you need not worry, and stick to proven recommendations that we consider in this article.

After birth, there were spots

First of all, at any age and for all the hormonal changes in the body condition of the skin is directly dependent on a healthy lifestyle.Improper and irregular meals, sleepless nights, constant bad mood will be noticeable changes human skin almost immediately.Therefore, even in cases where you can not relax because of the child at night, you should think about the day of rest with a toddler.Do not look for all kinds of excuses as a set of cases and issues.Everyday business will, in any case, but clean skin will largely depend on a healthy and good rest.

Powered by acne after birth

In the next step to the restoration of a healthy and clean skin of the face should be properly consider the power.For good appearance of the skin after childbirth, you must add to your diet salad, brown rice, olive oil, avocados and production of durum wheat.But we should not only complement the menu, but also to limit the use of certain products.

Among other things, the recovery of the skin after childbirth should abandon the strong tea and coffee, salted, smoked or very sweet foods.Such a diet would lead to significant changes in the condition of the skin is literally a week.

Moisturize skin

should also pay attention to the issue of moisture, nourish the skin.This is probably the most important point for the general maintenance of good condition of the skin of women after childbirth.For skin necessarily required power using baby oil or other nutritious cream.Also effectively wash herbal decoction, making a face mask containing collagen once a week.Experience has shown that for these procedures is sufficient minimum amount of time, but the result will surprise.


special note, and make-up questions.Given the inflamed skin, to approach the matter should be very carefully and responsibly.To hide minor acne and various rashes, use masking pencil, which has an antibacterial effect.Next, with your fingertips, very gently put a thin layer of foundation on your face.

for long maintain its make-up to complement the effect can be due to loose powder.When choosing powder and foundation, to be considered constituent funds.After all, for problem skin requires the use of tools developed with antibacterial composition, specifically to combat inflammation.

Traditional medicine acne after birth

In the matter of facial skin care at home, we can recommend some effective means of traditional medicine, which will help to cope with acne.Including, wash and wipe face with a decoction of St. John's wort, chamomile and viburnum.The best means may be different from the usual mask of sauerkraut or oatmeal.After these procedures, the best would be the restoration of the skin due to wiping the face with ice cubes.

There are many ways to eliminate acne on the skin after childbirth.You just need to follow the recommendations and confidently go to the desired effect.