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Nutrition after birth

Nutrition after birth

Power postpartum

All pregnant women should take into account the rules and regulations in the preparation of their diet.During this period, a lot to learn about anatomy, the effects of various drugs, the possibility of disease, traditional methods of prevention and treatment.For various reasons, we have to limit their consumption of certain products.And the child was born - which is undergoing a change in diet during this period?

Having a baby does not become the completion of various restrictions and prohibitions in their diets.This is only the beginning of an entirely new phase.Now a woman is nursing mother, from which the child will significantly depend.He's breathing on his own, but requires special feeding and care of the woman.Now we have to study the information about the new illness - which the child can experience.To such risks are less common, it is necessary to ensure good health and immunity of the child.

the basis of such results should be laid on the stage of pregnancy and conception

.But after childbirth a woman can seriously affect the health of your child.It becomes the basis of the right post-natal nutrition of their children.

Why is it important nutrition after birth?

Postpartum nutrition is essential, since the products will come with the breast milk, and to the child.The consumption of different products can have a different impact on the child, sometimes leading to undesirable and negative impacts.The child receives from these products are certain problems, including pain, allergy, discomfort, cramps, constipation baby.From the woman's diet depends on the overall taste of the milk, which can sometimes be unpleasant for the child.From breast milk depends on even the nervous system of the child.It is important to bear in mind that the first meal of common intestinal flora populates the child - providing the basis for further health life.

At birth a woman had to work hard, which resulted in severe fatigue.She had not eaten, is tired, there may be gaps.It is therefore necessary to consider tips on diet and after childbirth.

should also be taken into account - for 9 months it is likely the emergence of a few extra kilos.Several kilograms of lost themselves in the first days after birth.The rest will have to get rid of their own.And in many ways this result is to be achieved through proper nutrition.

What recommendations should be followed in the preparation of post-natal diet?Which products are recommended at this time, and which are strictly prohibited?How to restore its original shape, providing a benefit to the child breast-feeding?All this we will pay special attention in his article.

Meals during the first three days after birth

Now all the products necessary to minimize.It is better to stick to the diet, like get out of a prolonged hunger - eat everything slowly and with extreme caution.After the intestine child starts from the first days of his life.To start a light meal is recommended not to lead to complications in the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract of the child.

better drink cranberry syrup, sweet tea, herbal teas and herbal infusions (shepherd's purse, stinging nettle, burnet).When suturing will directly benefit the chicken broth, which promotes rapid healing.Due to the abandonment of solid food will avoid the formation of the table - an important condition for stitching breaks.But by the end of the third day, you can supplement their diet with a more "serious" food.

Power at the end of the first week after birth

By the fourth day, you can include in your diet and cereals, it is recommended mainly oats.Although useful are millet, buckwheat and wheat.But the need to cook cereals in water without the use of sugar.You can add a little honey or salt, but with extreme caution.You can also enjoy a couple of baked apples, but no more than twice a day.The same amount is allowed for vegetables, stewed in vegetable oil - rutabaga, turnips, carrots, pumpkin, eggplant, zucchini.Useful products during breastfeeding will beets.You can recommend a fruit or vegetable soup - 2 times a day.Drinking is still the same, it is too early to make changes.

Nutrition during the first month after birth

eat and drink from the second week is already more.The amount of fluid intake per day increased to 2 liters, but do not need to get drunk plenty.The diet can be supplemented with crumbs of black bread, beef (boiled recommended), lean fish.But it's better to stick to the vegetables and cereals in your diet.You can enjoy the nuts except walnuts and cheese.But consume dairy products should be cautious.

animal milk and its derivatives in the diet is better to exclude: it contains calcium at a level exceeding the standard for the newborn, about 6 times.In the animal milk are also hormones to the rapid growth of large and physically strong child with the building of his muscle mass.But breast milk carries a fundamentally different function - providing for a child's brain appropriate nutrients.Therefore, consume dairy products for 8-9 months should be infrequent and quite carefully.

Particular attention should berries and fruits.Many of them are among the allergens (so you need to choose carefully and attentively).You have to understand - to consume them fresh is strictly prohibited.Now the child's intestine does not need foreign microorganisms.Therefore, for the product in the diet of women during breast-feeding a heat treatment.

created and the list of products on which you want to give up the first time.Enter them in your diet should be gradually and cautiously enough.In addition to milk, the list includes pastries, fresh vegetation, all the salty, sweet, sour, sour, spicy, spicy, etc., Preserves, eggs, beans any preparation, all kinds of cabbage, strong tea, soft drinks, alcohol, coffee,citrus and chocolate.

diet of women during lactation

Gradually diet will be supplemented with new products - but it is necessary to carefully monitor the child's reaction to their appearance.First, you can not often consume an egg once a week to pamper yourself chicken, fish.But for more suitable vegetable protein legumes.And a month is better to give up coffee and alcohol (all types, including beer), citrus fruits, chocolate, strawberry.It is necessary to refuse smoked, spicy and fried all the time breastfeeding - at least for six months.

Among the acceptable flour products should be noted pasta (no harmful sauces), and bread.Always worth eat soups (without cabbage), steam, baked vegetables listed in Article fresh porridge.Gradually, the diet can be supplemented with sour cream and cheese.Prerequisite becomes the consumption of crude oil.Among the first fruits, which are included in the diet, called the beets and onions.

We stopped only on the main boards.For more information should consult with a specialist, be sure to consider your health and common sense.

Not recommended dramatic weight loss after childbirth

Every woman after giving birth to want to quickly restore the previous rules and prenatal beauty.But do not rush to the diets after birth - they are contraindicated.Over the next six weeks after the birth of a child should forget about diets.But in any case need to control their birth.But no need to control the maximum and the minimum threshold for incoming calories.After all, the female body to produce the milk needed 800 kcal per day.Of these, 300 are taken from the reserves accumulated during pregnancy, the rest need to look outside.But it is important to understand the exhaustion of his body at a rate of a plurality of resources during childbirth, the formation and maintenance of vital functions of the body of her child.

Even in good health (but will still remain fatigue and exhaustion) must be the restoration of biological resources of the female body.To do this, you need to consume every day every day for at least 2700 calories.Otherwise there will be a rapid decline in lactation.Therefore, for a long time to forget about malnutrition.

But does not mean that you need to nourish your body after childbirth different rolls and condensed milk.Suffice it to eat healthy and balanced.It is not necessary to include in the diet after birth acute and fried foods, for their own benefit at all is better to abandon them forever.If you adore the sweet, and you can enjoy them, but do not choose the best cakes, and dried fruits.It is recommended to eat small, frequent meals.Avoid overeating, even with consumption of fresh steamed vegetables.Importance is given and drink - you need at least two liters a day.

important to understand that breastfeeding is becoming the basis of rapid recovery of the condition and form.A woman breastfeeding possible to quickly recover their form.Try to save and continue breast-feeding, of course, within certain limits.If you stick to the diet of proper nutrition, it is not necessary to particularly think about additional measures to lose weight.