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Press after cesarean section

Press after cesarean section

each of us wants immediately after childbirth to recover their ideal condition and optimum shape that was before pregnancy.But sometimes you need to be prepared for some restrictions - yet health is more important.After cesarean section surgery is better to give up physical activities for about 6 months, sometimes longer and better.The reasons for which the body needs for such a long time enough.After this time occurs in the recovery of not just the organism, but the delay of all internal and external seams.But even after the wound occurs, immediately rush to the gym is not necessary - first ultrasound examination.Taking into account a number of restrictions and the need for long-term recovery after childbirth, many women after cesarean asking for the restoration of the beautiful press without serious exercise.

recovery after cesarean section - best tips

important to note that after cesarean muscles already beginning to self-recovery.But the recovery time is about 9 months, so the woman would like

to speed up a little bit like the process.Consider the basic tips that will help to achieve this result.

Council № 1. to improve skin tone, providing the necessary moisture, it recommended regular use of scrubs, body creams.Preferred creams with components on the basis of natural origin.We recommend preparing special creams at home on their own - for example, you can offer the cream of the mummy.

Council № 2. to quickly restore the original appearance of the abdominal muscles, relax better on the stomach.Besides, this is the rest will contribute to reducing the uterus.

Council № 3. With regular use postpartum bandage skin-tight body from the chest to the hips, excellent hiding stretch marks appeared after childbirth, strengthening abdominal muscles.

Council № 4. While walking with a baby kangaroo wearing not on the stomach and on the back - to reduce the burden that falls on the abdominal muscles, still not firmly established after delivery.

Council № 5. planning for six months to begin active exercises in the gym, you must immediately inform the instructor of his birth after cesarean.In such a case should be tailor made set of matching exercises.The instructor while providing and controlling stress, you face during class.

Council № 6. If you plan to do the exercises at home, be sure to start a workout of 10 minutes, considering his feelings.If you experience pain to joints, with follow-up sessions at least for some time to be postponed.

Council № 7. achieve strengthen the muscles and improve their tone may be due to the swimming pool.But in this case it is important prior consultation with a gynecologist.

Council № 8. restore the normal shape of the abdomen may also be due to a balanced diet, with proper minerals and vitamins.Recommended renounce enough calories is necessary during this period more fluid, often go - to restore and maintain a beautiful figure, a favorable effect for the health of the body as a whole.

exercises after cesarean

consider in conclusion of the article is also known for a gentle set of exercises you can use to restore the press after cesarean section.

Each exercise is performed on the back, with knees bent and feet pressed to the floor.For more comfort we recommend to include your favorite music.

Exercise 1. knees slightly divorce, with crossing hands on his stomach.Exhale lift the head and shoulders, hands to press on the side walls of the stomach, bringing together.In this position, staying for a few minutes, after a deep breath should be full body relaxation.

Exercise 2. With a deep breath, inflate the abdomen.As you exhale, draw in his, pressing his back against the floor.

Exercise 3. reserve hands on his stomach, lifting his head slowly exhale.Then drop the exhale.

Exercise 4. one knee slowly attract his hands to his chest as possible.For a few seconds, keep it up, and then the leg back into place.Next, change the position of the feet.

Exercise 5. Bend leg at the knee, raising towards the chest up.After this leg pulled over his head, and the other is bent.After the exercise, change the position of the feet.

Exercise 6. takes a deep breath.Then, with a slow exhalation, the abdominal muscles are drawn, keeping muscles toned for a few seconds.It is necessary to keep the back upright.