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Recovery after childbirth

Recovery after childbirth

passed as expected months of pregnancy, you can now enjoy motherhood and tenderness touching the baby.But it is necessary to think that we are on?After all the usual life will now be supplemented by concern about a child with different, joyful moments of development, some of the frustrations and support.

But we will devote an article talking to young mothers who wish to learn more about the postpartum period.After pregnancy and childbirth lead to changes in the body, may be new anxiety, feelings and sensations.In his article, we will look at the most common symptoms and the possible means for their prevention or changes.

features and principles of recovery after childbirth

themselves genera require significant expenditure of energy, but after 2-3 hours. Postpartum recovery of the body begins.The most critical first 6-8 weeks - there is an increase in breast volume, with the arrival of milk, changes in the reproductive system.Normal after childbirth is the presence of lochia (bleeding) for up to 6

weeks, sometimes this period can increase.

often lactating women during breast faced with the absence of menstruation.Mostly non-breastfeeding women menstruation begins 6-8 weeks after birth.Therefore, it is recommended before resuming intimacy wait at least 4-6 weeks after birth, especially in the presence of generic cracks.

women during the first month after birth is to abandon homework.Forces will recover gradually, so the load of her life is back on the rise.Therefore, the first 3 months of fully paid better time motherhood and a child with a close communication with the baby, it certainly will help to restore the status and health of women.

after caesarean section for recovery needs more time to recover.Be sure to follow the doctor's recommendations, in compliance with the diet the first 3 days, with a willingness to specific hygiene difficulties.It should completely abandon the exercise.Caesarean section is a surgical procedure, and therefore requires special attention in the postoperative period.Resume intimacy after cesarean is possible only with the permission of the physician and the results of the survey.

right diet for postpartum recovery

Be sure to include in your diet foods rich in trace elements and vitamins.Their use helps to restore strength, maintaining energy throughout the day.Also it is necessary to recall the natural teas with vitamins to strengthen the immune system, reducing the likelihood of infectious diseases.To do this, we can recommend raspberry leaf tea, broth hips.If you have constipation after childbirth, should be added to the diet of berries and a couple of apricots.Stick to a healthy food for the benefit of your body and baby.

recovery after childbirth at home

After birth, women often face physical malaise, fear of responsibility, bad mood, anxiety and desire to regular sleep.With similar symptoms a woman is facing due to postpartum depression, but do not be afraid.This situation is quite normal, a woman in need of moral support from family and friends.If you are very tired, contact your relatives for help, possibly giving yourself more time and recreation.Women often provoke depression after giving birth alone because of fatigue.

It is natural that in the first days of being at home, every minute a woman is busy with the child and various domestic issues, cooking dinner, cleaning and taking care of the household.But if a more rational approach to the issue, should not be unpleasant consequences - it is likely that the husband and he will be able to cook the dumplings, and my grandmother or girlfriend will take the time to take a walk with your child.And with dirty dishes and nothing will happen if it remains in the sink for a couple of hours longer.But this time, you can give yourself - take care of the beauty, relax, take in the bathroom, go to the hairdresser, it all depends on your wishes.

Please note that the birth of a child - not a reason to stop being a beautiful woman, denying themselves a rest and care.Therefore, you must always find time for yourself and the opportunity to relax.It is this principle becomes effective against bad mood and depression in my life, with confidence in the husband's increased attention and sincere laughter child.