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Female body after childbirth

Female body after childbirth

female body after childbirth

Nature determined that for about a year after the onset of pregnancy, the female body is facing many changes.Their main reason and becomes the beginning of pregnancy.It should be much change in the body to provide a truly favorable and comfortable conditions for the creation of new life, growth and development of the child.Therefore, the body and begins the appropriate changes for the sake of the child from the first day of pregnancy.

nine months of pregnancy, the body is faced with a serious burden for the emergence of a whole new life.After adapting to the new conditions of the female body becomes more complex and significant periods, which are births.A new test for the female body - the postnatal period.What will the female body during this time?

postpartum period - 6-8 weeks after birth.This period is essential in every woman's life, adapting to the committed new role in the psychological and physical.The woman remains under close medical supervision during the fir

st 2-4 hours after the birth.During this period, preserved the basic probability of complications status mothers.The most common complications are fever, bleeding, changes in blood pressure and so on.

After birth, the female body have an important change.Including a slowing of metabolism with a sharp decrease in the number of certain hormones - resulting in increased body fat and increases total body weight.

happens some physiological changes.Pulse after 1-2 hours of birth field is less, though before that remained quickened.It disappears after 2-3 weeks there is a change of the cardiovascular system, which occurred for the normal operation of the female body during pregnancy.It is reduced in amount per liter plasma approximately.

changes of the uterus during pregnancy

decreases the size and weight of a woman's uterus.After delivery 2-3 days of a woman there are tensions and the severity of the uterus.Breastfeeding is accompanied by contractions at first, because there is a reduction of the uterus, as if "pulling" a decrease in the size of removing the additional envelope arising during pregnancy.If this body after birth weighs about 1 kilogram, then after 6-8 weeks, the weight is reduced to 75 grams.Within two to three weeks after birth to maintain some bleeding - a normal process that will eventually pass.

breast changes during pregnancy

features of change and exposed female breast.Initially there is an active development of colostrum, 2-3 days - already high-grade milk, which provides the perfect ingredients for baby food.For women and children the correct breastfeeding is important.Aggravation of the situation can sometimes become postpartum mastitis, which in the first place, shows the seal in the chest.

seal will grow with each passing hour, hardening, leading to redness and severe pain.Female 98% faces with fever, malaise, and chills.Even the slightest symptoms of mastitis should be a cause of visits to the doctor for advice.For particularly severe cases (must take into account the rapid progression of mastitis) possibly antibiotics.Sometimes there is the need for surgery to clean the hearth accumulated pus.

first 6-7 days the abdominal muscles may ache a little, as if after a tiring physical work.Such changes are quite natural, because the muscles at birth had a dent.Such changes will take a few days to the abatement of pain.After giving birth without complications after 6-7 weeks, the woman begins to do some exercise to "pull" the abdomen.

problems with urination after childbirth

After birth, some women may experience some difficulty with urination.This should be done as early as possible.If a woman is experiencing problems with self urination, the doctor for urinary catheter sets with the appointment of suitable drugs.Other women, especially when repeated lineages previously, the problem can be reverse - because of urinary incontinence.In such a case it will be useful after a while "internal exercises" - Kegel exercises.

After birth, some women develop hemorrhoids.It manifests itself in the form of a lower part of the veins of the anus ulcers.When problems need to appeal to a specialist to determine the appropriate treatment.Among the "home" ways to deal with hemorrhoids can recommend sitz baths, which are added in herbal infusions.You also need to control their diet to avoid constipation.

Postpartum accompanied by changes in the bony skeleton.Spine, pelvis, bones, joints of the lower limbs during pregnancy were exposed to considerable stress.Including happened straightening thoracic spinal department, with the expansion of the chest, increased lumbar bend, allowing your ribs and so on. Now all of the changes will come in the original state.

At the end of the article add that changes in hormonal status during childbirth entails a loss of hair, dry skin and brittle nails.If you only plan to give birth, and this information leads to unrest, should calm down.Poskolku all this time and the state is quickly restored.After all, nature wise to consider all the components.The approach to the upcoming birth with confidence and a positive attitude for the sake of a happy motherhood.