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Recovery after a caesarean section

Recovery after a caesarean section

Caesarean section rather complicated operation that requires certain nuances.First of all, due to the complexity of the operation rather difficult, non-standard recovery process.Also, the young mother should carefully consider your needs for the child's care, needed an enormous willpower to deal with this difficult period in his life.It is therefore logical that each of us would like to go through this period painlessly and quickly enough, once again returning to the form and normal.This is what we'll talk in more detail in the proposed article.

first days after cesarean

Without a doubt, the most complex and important - the first few days immediately after the caesarean section.Unpleasant and problematic in this period are almost any women's movement, including coughing, turning in bed, trying to take things and so forth. In order to reduce the pain to a minimum, you should consider the recommendations of doctors, keeping a certain scheme.

In particular, when turning on its side is recommended kne

es bent in a special way that the feet rested on the bed.Next, lift the hips, straighten your body from the shoulders to the knees.Then hips turn aside from the slow, gradual lowering.Only then turns have the upper body.Many after cesarean claim that is now much easier and more comfortable to lie on his side because damage joints is virtually impossible.

After the operation the woman is under the supervision of medical staff, including a doctor and a nurse.It is necessary to regularly measure heart rate, body temperature, uterine contractions, with mandatory supervision of vaginal discharge.

When you can get up after a caesarean?

on his feet for the first time will be up only 12 hours after the operation.The exact solution is accepted specialist individually, assessing the situation after childbirth.Climb the first time will be quite difficult, you can count on the support of a loved one or a nurse.It is highly probable as weakness or dizziness.Such a state can be maintained for several days.It will be possible to sit for 2-3 days after surgery.

This is necessary and right up.First, gently turns to the side, his feet hung on the edge of the bed.Then the body slowly translate into a sitting position.After a rest, you can move your feet.Then we put them on the floor, trying to be smooth and straight.Do not worry about a possible divergence of joints, in such a situation it is likely that they are just a bit strained.It is worth a little getting used to stand, and then take the following action - a small step forward.

after childbirth for women separate problem is the emergence of unpleasant coughing.The problem is a completely natural - the output accumulated after birth mucus from the lungs.It is important to adhere to proper cough to sutures after surgery are not dispersed.To do this, we can offer some proven recommendations

  • seams slightly strengthen the hands or by using a small pillow.You can also tie a towel.

  • deep breath to fully inflate the lungs.

  • sharp breath, but it is important to adhere to accuracy.The stomach is not inflated, and retracted.

  • Followed exhale should sound like a "wow."

algorithm performs a similar action several times an hour.Especially recommended is the "woof" in situations where the chest begin to feel the sobs and gurgling.Every woman in the recovery after cesarean section there is a feeling of discomfort in the stomach - cramps are a consequence of intestinal gas.After all, the work of the intestine as a result of the operation is slowed down a little bit.Situation can be normalized by the body with proper and deep breathing.Effective help also becomes a rocking chair.And be sure to opt-in your diet from carbonated water and foods that can cause gas.

Speaking of urination, here too, there may be some difficulties.For the normalization of the situation will require large volumes of liquid.For quick recovery after cesarean section becomes a necessary condition for proper nutrition.On the first day of the diet may be only water with lemon, a second can not afford a liquid food.Then already will be a gradual recovery of the body.

But above all, you must have patience and effort - refuse haste.Many women are unable to confidently go through this stage, eventually adjusting itself to have a new pregnancy.