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Sexual life after childbirth

Sexual life after childbirth

course on intimate life with friends or acquaintances do not usually advise.But sometimes there are situations when it is necessary to seek competent answers, and we have to discuss them.One such situation becomes time after delivery when necessary to clarify the questions at the gynecologist.After a pregnancy with further delivery significantly affects relations between the spouses as a whole.Changes and sexual life, resuming after delivery should be careful enough.

4 weeks of abstinence after childbirth

After birth, sex life is necessary, but it should also be attentive to the time of first sexual intercourse after pregnancy.As a result of childbirth female body facing some stress, which entails a great loss of energy, physiological changes occur.Women after childbirth needs a certain period of time to restore the state.So intimate is a life after birth only after 4-8 weeks.The particular time is determined by the individual anatomical and physiological features of women, also depending on the ty

pe and flow delivery in general.

Irrespective of the individual characteristics, doctors recommend to give up the first contact after delivery, at least for four weeks.It becomes a minimum of 4 weeks postpartum period for recovery of the uterus, in the time it needs for blood purification residues.To love life is contraindicated back before these deadlines and due to the high penetration of the uterine exposure to infection.Get rid of the risk of infection is possible only after the resumption of the initial state of the uterus.

In the case of a complex flow of labor, accompanied by cuts and tears, for the resumption of sex life needs more time.Many people mistakenly claim that during the cesarean section, the problems with the restoration of sexuality should arise.But experts believe - this statement is wrong, because after cesarean section postpartum recovery time for a woman must be longer to heal operating seams.

Ideal - when a woman is discussing with the gynecologist as possible restoration of an intimate relationship.In this case, made inspection of the genital organs of women, to assess the extent and speed of recovery, defining the terms of the resumption of the sexual life of a woman.There may also be a professional recommendations on the preferred method of contraception to avoid pregnancy once again.

problems with the resumption of sexual activity after childbirth

But even when following the recommendations of the experts, the first sexual intercourse may not meet the expectations of women and men.Among the common problems can be noted anatomical changes of the vagina with its dryness.The cause of the problem is the first stretch of the vagina during the passage of the baby through the birth canal.But doctors hasten to reassure - since the original shape of the vagina is restored, this process can be accelerated due to the complex of special exercises (known as Kegel exercises).They can be carried out during pregnancy, becoming the prevention of excessive stretching of the vagina in order to quickly restore it after birth.

common problem is vaginal dryness, and, arising due to lack of estrogen after birth.This factor is often a major component in the sense of despondency and depression postpartum women, especially in conjunction with fatigue.Men just need to understand the difficult state of his beloved by providing it with the necessary physical and moral support.Vaginal dryness can be compensated due to special creams and lubricants.

Women often also talk about the discomfort during intimacy after childbirth, accompanied by pain.This situation may occur after birth with tears, with the necessity of stitches.There is pain when the "seams" cling to the nerve endings.Therefore, partners need to find the most comfortable and safe position, the man should carefully take into account the feelings of women.After some time, the situation is normalized by adapting the nerve endings to new configurations, while the woman should take into account feelings during intimacy with special attention.

special affection and attention

important to understand - after childbirth a woman needs special attention from men.After all, at this time it is particularly in need of psychological support responsible.If we talk about sex - even unwanted sexual contact at first, there are no prohibitions on the tactile affection.The ability to re-learn more about each other's body in search of sensitive areas, but keeping a special tenderness and affection.

Although feeding women also need special care, especially when breastfeeding.The period after delivery is not only difficult, but also replete with all sorts of enjoyable trepidation and concerns.After the couple can take a fresh look at their relationship, once again approaching the sensuality and the special affection physically.Just need a mutual understanding and a desire to listen to your partner.