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Internal stitches after childbirth

Internal stitches after childbirth

not always postpartum period passes quickly and without problems.At this time, a woman may face not only with the need to carefully and responsibly to care for the child, but also with a number of other possible trouble.Largely for this period affect particular course of childbirth itself.We have to admit that in recent years are more likely to meet the problem of cuts or tears during childbirth.The result may be some seams which lead to various additional issues and limitations.

should deserve special attention internal seams, whose condition is very important.These joints are the most unpredictable.After all, the external at least we can see or touch, but the internal situation is much more complicated.

How are internal seams after childbirth?

First of all, you should understand the features of the joints, which causes lead to their education?There are internal seams as a result of rupture or vaginal cervical walls.Rupture of uterine cervical tissue usually occurs during vaginal delivery, when th

e cervix is ​​slowly revealed, women with premature attempts to push, pushing the fetus.Note that almost all women are premature attempts, but it is important to their "hold" until the cervix is ​​not fully revealed.When attempts at uterine cervix accounts for a lot of pressure because of the fetal head.In this case, if the uterine cervix is ​​not yet fully open, and there is such a gap.For the same reason, the formation of fractures of the vaginal walls.

is not always possible to immediately breaks the internal notice.But the doctor after giving birth shall perform a thorough inspection, providing adequate help in the detection of discontinuities - suturing.The procedure is not accompanied by pain, since the uterine cervix has no pain receptors.Therefore, for women and anesthesia is not required.To perform the seams may be several ways that depend on the complexity of the fracture.Welds produced using special bioresorbable fibers.In most cases, the suture ketgud, which is used for the manufacture of the intestines of sheep or cattle, or vicryl.

internal seams after surgery

do not need to do anything.The peculiarity of the joints is their stealth will not need special care with the use of douches, ointments or pills.Sutured breaks using bioresorbable yarns, so withdrawal will no longer be necessary.They simply will disappear with time.

How can you determine that a bioresorbable thread disappeared when it usually happens?In many ways, the specific time depends on the complexity of rupture and features of the suture.Completely dissolve the thread is usually 90 days.While some will fall much earlier this time.But this will not happen until then, until completely grow together damaged tissues.At times the laundry can be seen "remnants" of the filament, but focuses mainly on this indicator is not necessary.Physicians usually warn immediately - no need to worry about the appearance of parts of the threads if there was no discomfort.

For safe and rapid healing of the joints becomes a major factor in proper personal hygiene.In particular, it is important to take care of the maintenance of the purity of the external genitalia and body as a whole.It is also important to take into account some of the rules of the diet used.On it is necessary to pay special attention, since locks are undesirable phenomenon - the state of the wounds as a result of additional "attempts" can only worsen.

Mandatory rules:

  • Disclaimer lifting.

  • should refrain from sexual intercourse 1-2 months.

  • No sudden movements, especially during the first days after birth.

When you need medical attention?

Many mothers after internal seams faced with discomfort in the abdominal portion.It is enough to spread the pain, the feeling of pulsation and twitching.After delivery in 2-3 days, such phenomena can be regarded as a normal process.If their duration longer urgently needed professional help.Also, a doctor must apply in the following situations:

  • remain pain in the joints.

  • Fever.

  • feeling of heaviness in the vagina or uterus.

  • purulent discharge with an unpleasant odor.

appearance of these symptoms may be a sign of tears or inflammation of joints in the area of ​​the joints.A definite diagnosis and appropriate treatment should be engaged specialist.In particular, it may be asked to apply ice, or use antibiotics, ointments for the treatment, re-execution of the surgical procedure.

But even in the case where the post-partum period is not accompanied by a variety of troubles, we should not forget about the visit to the gynecologist.It is important to determine the current state of the scars.If tissue fused properly or breaks any seams, uterine cervix is ​​usually faced with strains, which entails the risk of chronic inflammatory processes of the uterine cervix, or other diseases.For a complete postpartum recovery required 3-6 months.

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