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Activities after delivery

Activities after delivery

pregnancy leads to significant changes in the female organism: c appearance of new fat cells, increasing the weight of about 15 kg.Such a change in the inherent nature - weight gain is necessary not only for the power of the woman, but also the unborn child.Nature knows best, but sometimes women confuse their form after birth with pronounced sides, belly sagging and the appearance of cellulite.

therefore logical desire to restore the weight and body shape shortly after birth.But in fact, not easy to lose weight after giving birth.In fact, after the birth of the baby needs to spend a lot of time to take care of them, providing breastfeeding.Therefore, it is hardly possible to resort to serious physical stress and express diet, which may cause the missing breast milk.

most effectively to restore the beauty of shapes and weight loss after childbirth become sports.But it is important to adhere to certain recommendations for a positive outcome of their physical activity.When

start exercise after giving

Experts believe that from the first days after delivery is already possible to resort to the morning gymnastics, familiar from childhood.But it is necessary to carry out all the exercises in a nice rhythm and loose clothing is not limited in his movements, to the maintenance of the breast.10-15 exercises can be performed, including torso in different directions, squats, walking in place, "mill".Thanks to the mild gymnastics involve all muscle groups of the body, adjusting it to heavy loads in the future, which are permitted to 4-5 months after birth.

With 4-5 months of pregnancy, with the beginning of recovery of the woman's body and a doctor's permission to active exercise, you can think about a visit to Pilates or yoga courses, jogging in the morning, light gymnastics classes.Since that time, you can start to download the press, because now there is only the beginning of the restoration of the abdominal muscles.It is not necessary to resort to this earlier.

By that time, if you stick to regular exercise, the figure will restore an attractive form.Six months after birth can already be recorded in a sports club.We can recommend belly dancing, aerobics, or shaping - promotes weight loss and restore weakened muscles.

gradual increase in sporting activity after childbirth

main rule for successful sport becomes a consistent increase in loads.It is necessary to take into account the weakening of the female body after childbirth, so it needs to be progressive load.

Many women after childbirth face the feelings of depression and discomfort as a result of hormonal changes.Therefore, the beginning of the necessary movement becomes a real problem.To effectively combat depression and started playing sports, we can recommend the beginning of exercise at least five daily performance.With regular performance of even the minimum exercise appears necessary vigor and spirit to further sports and the fight against excess weight.

Each week your physical activity need to complement 1-2 exercises, gradually increasing the overall burden in achieving the desired results.

Features sports after childbirth - a combination of exercise and life

Experience suggests - nothing complicated in child care and sports no.Just enough to allocate 15-20 minutes a day of physical activity.And try to remember how much time the child spends in a dream.Prepare your food or cleaning can be the next day or turn to relatives for help.

Make it a rule gymnastics exercises after breast feeding the child will be a welcome addition, even a walk in the fresh air.Stick to the alternation of slow walking and fast walking - to load the appropriate muscles of the buttocks and legs.You can not be limited to sitting on the bench in the park, and periodically tilts or squats.Often used way of walking on toes while walking with a pram.

And it must be remembered - a 20-minute walk with a pram enough to burn about 150 calories.Therefore, even normal walking with a child every day will be sufficient for a gradual recovery of the figure, with the restoration of muscle tone and good mood.