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The vagina after childbirth

The vagina after childbirth

is difficult to say with certainty what authorities have to the maximum load and the corresponding changes in pregnancy or during childbirth.With all the confidence we can speak about a significant change in the vagina after childbirth.To speed up the recovery and normalization of the recommended training of muscles of the perineum and pelvis before and during pregnancy.Through such training possible simple and confident control of muscles during childbirth, so the whole process will take place correctly and a lot easier.But often women have to think about the muscles of the vagina until after delivery, when there is a feeling of discomfort and other problems as a result of hyperextension.Is it possible to postpartum recovery of the vagina, that this should be done - look at the main recommendations in this article.

Characteristic changes in the vagina after childbirth

Pregnancy involves considerable pressure of the fetus and the uterus to the vagina, it is necessary to cope with the ever-increasin

g weight.Yet the main load facing the vagina during childbirth, when the baby passes - leads to considerable tension.It occurs thinning walls, which are particularly susceptible to this point, with reduced sensitivity.After birth, the woman is often a vaginal dryness - entails irritation and itching, sometimes pain during sexual intercourse.Basically, this problem is caused by the reduction of post-partum estrogen.

not need much to worry about stretching the vagina to lower the tone, as it will be able to restore its prenatal form of 6-8 weeks, without any third-party efforts.Yet for a full recovery in some cases, more time is needed (for example, if the cuts were made or there were gaps in childbirth).In some cases plastic surgery, but such situations are extremely rare.Typically, the elastic recovery of the vagina enough simple exercises.

Recovery vagina after childbirth

hyperextension of the muscles of the vagina can affect women's lives.First of all, it is important to sexual relations, as will reduce the quality for both partners.A problem may arise light incontinence occurs when the minimum voltage vaginal muscles (when coughing, laughing or sneezing).

possible reduction of postpartum vaginal dryness due to lubricants.To restore muscle elasticity woman will have to engage in some exercise.

actually much difficulty during exercise does not occur - they are quite simple and comfortable, sometimes even become pleasurable, because the spouse will be able to assess the results of such actions.A trained muscles allow women to control their orgasm.

For this purpose can be offered special exercises that are part of the complex Arnold Kegel.Famous doctor developed his famous set of exercises in the last century.The basic rate was made on the efficiency and ease of use of exercises that can be performed regardless of time and place.Their use contributes to the overall enhancement of blood circulation to the pelvic organs, increases firmness and elasticity of the muscles of the vagina.

Exercise - Try to delay urination, to stop this stream of urine.Involved for this process will be to train the muscles.They may feel differently: maximum voltage, retracting inside the anus, vagina and buttocks, without moving them.It runs simultaneously around 3 holes perineal muscles - the vagina, the anus, the external opening of the urethra.Surrounding each of them sphincter, which will be strengthened through Kegel exercises.It recommended repetition of exercises every day for 5-30 times several times.

simple universal Kegel exercises complex: should stretch the muscles of the perineum, detaining them for the maximum time that can then relax.At the beginning it will be virtually impossible to maintain a state of stress muscles.But over time, it will increase their elasticity, so the exercise will be easier and more efficient.For efficiency

recommended exercises of Kegel entire complex - you can find them on our web site or on the Internet, or just use the one you like from them.Through adherence to these guidelines will be able to significantly improve the health of not only intimate, but also overall health.Can be used specifically designed for such exercises vaginal balls or cones.