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Complications after childbirth

Complications after childbirth

Well, we can only congratulate the happy mom - pregnancy and successful birth become an important event in the life of every woman.But the birth of the baby responsibilities caring mom does not end there.The child should continue to be surrounded by the care and special attention from the family, and especially with the mother.At this time, the family is always a great joy - because it seems as if all the troubles and worries just have to stay behind in the past.The confidence that the child will necessarily grow up happy and healthy, and the mother can be quickly restored to its former shape after a few months to strangers has not been able to even guess about the past generations.But it is important to understand that the birth and care of the child are not limited to this, there are many other important nuances.Just note that the birth of the child in each case becomes a huge stress for the female body.Therefore, the appearance of complications after giving birth for women is not a particularly rar


reasons for these complications is usually to pathogens - they can be in every organism.After birth, anemia occurs, a large blood loss, resulting in decreased immunity, there is a possibility of inflammation.For women, there are postpartum risk of infection of sexually transmitted infections - chlamydia, gonococcus, mycoplasma and others.

Persist infection in women after childbirth can be a long time, resulting in lesions of the internal body.To promote such a problem can be problems with blood clotting, anemia, surgery and so on.

In this article we take a closer look the possible complications for women after childbirth.

Postpartum endometritis (inflammation of the uterus)

In most cases, there is such a complication only when the cesarean section when during labor for a long time, it was anhydrous (longer than 12 hours), and for women, formerly with multiple abortions or in childbirthas a result of inflammatory disease, occurring against the backdrop of genital infections.

Among the main symptoms should highlight the growth temperature to 38-40 degrees during the first week postpartum, discharge from the genital tract, last longer 14 days with an unpleasant odor, bright or dark brown.A woman may feel pain in the abdomen.It is also characterized by problems with the contraction of the uterus.There is a risk of intoxication of the female body.

With the threat of postpartum endometritis require the appointment of appropriate antibiotics for prevention.

Chorioamnionitis in childbirth (inflammation of the membranes)

risk of inflammation of the membranes occurs as a result of a plurality of dry period in the fetal membranes rupture childbirth.During birth there is an increase in body temperature, accompanied by fever and pus-like discharge from the genital tract.There is likely to increase heart rate.Current statistics confirm - chorioamnionitis in 20% of cases becomes postpartum endometritis.To avoid such dangerous risks, the medical staff should ensure careful monitoring of vital organs mothers.

inflammation of the breast and lactostasis (stagnation of milk)

an inflammation of the breast (mastitis) is usually only for the first delivery.The probability of such a problem in average in the range of 2-5% of cases.Progression of the disease usually occurs after delivery within the first month.Faced with the disease women breastfeeding.Among the major symptoms should distinguish the appearance of pain in the breast, the temperature rise (about 38,5-39 ° C), redness, pain accompanying pumping milk.This pumping does not provide much result - do not stop the pain.

stagnation of milk (lactostasis) is accompanied by the same symptoms that are terminated after pumping.

effective in preventing getting proper nutrition, as appropriate breastfeeding technique.But even such a means of prevention can not fully guarantee protection against the risks of postpartum mastitis in cases like heredity or foci of purulent infection.Importance is also given to mastitis and anatomical properties of the nipples.

Postpartum pyelonephritis (infectious inflammation of the kidneys)

problem occurs during exacerbation of chronic pyelonephritis.Some symptoms may be accompanied by a pain in his side, the temperature rises to 40 degrees, pain when urinating, chills.

In each case, the main thing - the competent prevention with early diagnosis, thereby manage to confidently face all these diseases.

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