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Back pain after childbirth

Back pain after childbirth

Young mom after childbirth manages a sigh of relief - it tedious, and as the duration of pregnancy was behind there and childbirth, which is afraid of most pregnant women.Now, seemingly, simply rejoice a life without limitations.Of course, in many ways, this phrase is correct, but one amendment is - the test is just beginning, since you are careful to take care of a newborn baby, a common feature after the birth are some complications.Statistics confirms that the various pains faced by every other woman in labor - with a different character and localization.Distributed by the emergence of postpartum pain is in the back.

Causes of back pain after childbirth

Complaints postpartum back pain are not rare, in fact, this problem is quite logical.After all, there are many factors that can lead to pain in these young mothers, mostly they occur during pregnancy.The main and most common cause are numerous changes the woman's body during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period.First of all, should hig

hlight the strong stretching of muscle tissue and bone may be a discrepancy.With the growth of the uterus and the fetus is larger stretching of the abdominal muscles, further extendable internal organs, with a voltage of ligaments that hold them.Many of these ligaments is attached to the spine, resulting in back pain postpartum.
a result of excessive stretching of the abdominal muscles are shortened and lumbar muscles, so they face painful feelings, as a result of increasing muscle tension (squatting, bending, lifting weights).

changes during pregnancy lead to an incorrect location of various organs.In particular, during the childbearing possible reversal or lowering kidney located in the abdominal cavity (in the lumbar-iliac muscle).As a result of the back faces a dull pain.Soreness can give down - in the leg or in the crotch area.

On the discrepancy bone before birth or during labor does not speak - there is extendable thigh and the pubic bone, behind leaves the coccyx - the protection of the child from the risk of injury during childbirth.Accordingly, these processes are necessarily accompanied by pain, all the recovery time a woman has to deal with the pain, the back does not become an exception.The cause of such pain often birth injuries (including offset joints), to avoid that a woman can not unprepared.

known that pregnancy is invariably leads to a change in posture, which is then required to recover from childbirth.The importance given to the huge loads encountered lumbosacral spine, the first time after giving birth.Feeding, dressing, bathing, wearing kid, bags, cleaning and other household tasks exacerbate the situation, so back pain significantly increased.If the mother had problems with posture before pregnancy, is almost certainly a problem with the loin and back after the birth.

In each case, the recovery time vary, the situation is always individual - can be from few hours to months.But even after this time is not always the pain goes away naturally.Doctors say that you can not stand the pain in the back, because the causes of this phenomenon can have different health problems, including fluid retention, lactostasis, excess weight, problems in the functioning of internal organs.

the ability and feedback: disease related to the internal organs, can lead to post-partum back pain.Therefore, to understand the real issues important diagnostics to determine the cause of pain.Accordingly, when a postpartum pain requires professional help.Their assistance is often a mandatory, because a herniated disc treatment is required - and as early as possible.

treatment of postpartum back pain

First of all, you may need to help the chiropractor.It is important not to appeal to the masseur, namely to the manual or use the services of an osteopath.But help is required only when the cause of postpartum back pain is the discharge of the coccyx, or other parts.In this case, you can assign an MRI to make sure there are no intervertebral hernia.If necessary, performed ultrasound of internal organs, x-rays and a number of additional studies, including laboratory.

treatment of postpartum back pain is performed using the physiotherapy exercise therapy.Used medical treatment is rarely due to breastfeeding.Useful in the home will be the implementation of some of the recommendations with the appearance of post-partum back pain (such as for the prevention of pain):

  • After the birth for 5-6 months to avoid the appearance of physical activity as possible.It is a restoration of the body after pregnancy and childbirth, the muscles during this time are especially vulnerable.After a doctor's permission to do gymnastics for recovery after birth, with a gradual increase in load.Exercise when possible is performed daily.

  • important to properly adjust to child care does not result in excessive stress to the back and waist.Located bath, baby changing table and cot should be at a comfortable level for women not to require the slopes.Also abstain from carrying heavy loads - charge close to drag the stroller, food, water, including possibly a baby.

  • If necessary, use the self-wearing baby sling.

  • To lift things should not bend over and squat, it is important to maintain a straight back.Therefore, the load will fall on his feet.If you want to bend, better squat to squat or kneel.

  • Decide the most safe and comfortable for your back postures when feeding.It is important that you do not breast-tensed and relaxed, especially the back.Do not forget about the different footrest, cushions, perhaps feeding on its side.

  • wash floors with a mop should be.

  • Use a bandage after delivery or muscular system, if there are no contraindications for their use.If possible, go to bed with the child need to spin the rest, avoiding unnecessary stress.

  • Sleeps best fit hard mattress.

  • When excess weight during pregnancy after prior consultation should take gradual deliverance from it.Average calorie menu for lactating women for weight loss should be no more than 2,000 calories.But the figure has remained relatively the same, in any case, to avoid food shortages.

  • But the best solution is often to advance the strengthening of the muscles of your spine, even to the time of pregnancy.

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