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The uterus after childbirth

The uterus after childbirth

woman's body after giving birth to normal immediately.It takes several months for a gradual recovery in the operation of all organs and body systems.Major changes occur in the uterus - is an increase in its dimensions with the child.Suffice it to mention the possibility of increasing the uterus more than 500 times.As a result, most of injuries falls on the uterus.To ensure adequate recovery of the uterus after childbirth, it is necessary to wait, to provide appropriate care and visit a gynecologist.

gradual contraction of the uterus begins after birth.For the body of every woman, this process is completely individual, taking into account the need for "his time" to restore the body.

condition of the uterus after childbirth

in form inside the uterus resembles a large wound to the maximum damage in the area of ​​attachment of the placenta.On the inner surface of the uterus remnants of fetal membranes and blood clots.Normally, the uterine cavity is cleaned in three days after the birth of the child.

during childbirth happens tension and an increase in cancer.After birth, there is an allocation of postpartum lochia discharge - in the first few days they will be bloody, the fourth day of the lighter to the end of the third postnatal week look more clear and watery, fully passing on the sixth week.

uterine lining is restored not earlier than three weeks after birth, the place of attachment of the placenta - until the end of the postnatal period.After birth, the fundus is 4-5 cm. Below the navel, like its upper part, has the greatest thickness.

How much time for uterine contractions after delivery?

this process is usually sufficient 1.5-2.5 months, with a maximum activity in the first days after birth.The diameter of the uterine mouth immediately after birth is 12 cm., So the gynecologist can remove the remnants of the placenta, entering hand in the uterus.But after two days of this size continue to gradually shrink, the uterus can be introduced only two fingers on the third day - the only one.

outer cervix is ​​completely closed around the third week.The uterus after birth weighs about 1 kilogram.By the seventh day this figure reduced to 500 g., To the 21-th - to 350 grams.By the end of the postnatal period is a restoration of pre-natal uterine size, with an approximate weight of about 50 grams.

at postnatal contractions woman feels little pain cramping in nature in the lower abdomen.They will be more pronounced and intense with repeated delivery.Accompanied by a reduction of pain will be strong.First of all, need a consultation with a specialist, with the appointment of the necessary anesthetic or antispasmodic drugs to reduce the pain.But it is better to try to endure without resorting to drugs.

hypotension, and atony of the uterus after childbirth

have to admit that not every pregnant woman takes postpartum uterine contractions.This state has been called uterine atony (due to muscle fatigue).Therefore, the uterus can be reduced - a situation provokes the appearance of uterine bleeding.Most atony occurs for repeated birth, with multiple pregnancy, polyhydramnios or the birth of a large fetus.

With a slow reduction of the uterus after childbirth - are diagnosed with hypotension.This state involves a sharp decrease in the tone and the ability to uterine contractions.

Such states of the uterus are equally hazardous, leading to the threat of massive bleeding or other complications.

Why not reduced the uterus after childbirth?

There are various factors that contribute to or hinder the speedy reduction of the uterus after childbirth.

Among these factors are called:

  • Location placenta.

  • multiple pregnancy.

  • Complications of pregnancy or after the birth of complexity.

  • status of women.

  • Birth of the largest fruit.

uterus is not able to shrink their own after birth or at a bend underdevelopment, damaged birth canal, polyhydramnios, or uterine appendages inflammation, benign tumor, bleeding disorders, etc..

How to treat poor uterine contractions after childbirth?

abdomen mothers immediately after the birth of the child should be put cold water bottle - to accelerate and stop uterine bleeding.Young mother in the first days after delivery will be under constant supervision of doctors in the maternity ward.They will have to monitor the condition of the uterus and the level of reduction.At low ability of the uterus to reduce postpartum, it can be diagnosed as the bottom.The doctor can not prescribe a woman from the hospital before the confidence level in the normal uterine contractions.

When failure of the uterus to contract on their own after birth, the gynecologist should be assigned special agents (the use of prostaglandins or oxytocin) to enhance muscle contraction.Perhaps the appointment and outdoor massage uterus.

But the main impetus for the post-natal stimulation of uterine contractions - breast-feeding.Therefore it is necessary to resort to breastfeeding the baby as soon as possible.If possible, lie on your stomach and move more.Remember the rules of personal hygiene - regular treatment and cleaning the wounds.

necessary to promptly empty the bladder - a significant effect on uterine contractions.Even with the imposition of the joints and painless urination, still try to go to the toilet more often.

uterus after childbirth will be reduced faster and better among women who during the whole period of pregnancy adhered small exercise.Therefore, we can recommend a walk in the fresh air during pregnancy.A useful solution is simple homework is necessary for activity.A good supplement will be holding a simple gymnastic exercises.

Saving lochia in the womb, the placenta of the mother or when clogged throat blood clots need to perform clean - otherwise there is a risk of inflammation.

but under the doctor's recommendations should not be a serious problem with postpartum uterine contractions.It should be attentive to the state of his health.

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