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Sore tailbone after childbirth

Sore tailbone after childbirth

Few women can avoid pain in the coccyx after childbirth.Doctors say that post-partum pain in the coccyx are quite common.However, in the normal situation sore coccyx must undergo after some time.If the pain in the coccyx is stored for several months, it is necessary to seek and eliminate the causes of this problem.Indeed, in this case, the problem will only be exacerbated, which will make the decision much more difficult.If the cause of the pain does not get rid of, it is sure to remind yourself during the next pregnancy.

Physiological characteristics coccyx

from the curriculum known that our ancestors had tails.Fortunately, evolution has not saved us from the most convenient body that had no practical function.Instead of the former tail on the human body was tailbone.

coccyx - element closing the spine, a joint of 4-5 vertebrae.In the normal state coccyx remains stationary.Chance of discrepancies sacrococcygeal articulation occurs only in the preparation of the body for the upcoming birth or dire

ctly during childbirth, with a little bending the back for the smooth advancement of the child, eliminating the risks of injuries.

Causes pain in the coccyx during pregnancy

accompanied by such processes pain in the coccyx.Therefore pain can occur even during pregnancy.Dispersed bones gradually reduced after birth location, which also causes pain.If the violations do not occur in the coccyx, and extending through the nerve does not interfere with the effect of this process in the absence of female diseases that can lead to pain in the coccyx, so discomfort disappear after weeks or months.

However, any of these factors can make a stronger pain over time.Over time, some processes are irreversible, when you can expect only a temporary relief.Therefore, this issue requires careful and timely solutions.

coccygodynia postpartum

In medicine, a pain in the coccyx called coccygodynia.The pain can be different, including the sharp, aching, burning, aggravated by prolonged sitting or when lifting, defecation.The pain may be constant or occur intermittently.Despite the location of the pain in the coccyx, may also give to other areas: feet, perineum, anus, rectum, buttocks.

coccygodynia during pregnancy occurs in a natural way - after delivery disappear after some time.The specific terms of relief quite difficult to say, each individual situation.Some may feel relief after two weeks, others need 7-8 months.In most cases, the pain in the coccyx goes alone after 3-4 months after birth.But it is important to take into account the risk of pulling the doctor's visit.

fairly common cause of pain lies in its trauma - fractures, fissures, dislocation, when there is any movement.This could not even guess at the tailbone injury.The problem can occur in collisions, falls, riding a bike, walking on uneven surfaces, etc.. The coccyx after the break or dislocation may experience pain sensations at once, but births are extremely favorable factor for the manifestation of the problem.

In addition, during pregnancy there are all these processes.Large fruit or complicated childbirth can lead to dislocation or fracture of the coccyx immediately at birth.This problem does not go away on their own.

Other causes of pain in the coccyx

But the main challenge becomes the existence of many other factors of pain in the coccyx.Activation of these problems is possible after birth.Contribute to this will be a lack of calcium in women.

Rooting itself in the coccyx is pinching a nerve passing, appears cartilaginous nodules, deposits of salts.

Women often only think that there is pain in the coccyx.In fact, the pain may just give to the coccyx, although the cause of the other.Lead to such a problem can be different neurological disease, arthritis, low back pain, surgeries on the anus, rectum disease.It may also give to the coccyx pain due to hemorrhoids or anal fissures.

Treatment and prevention of pain in the coccyx

independently determine the cause of pain in the coccyx is almost unreal.Therefore, it is important to timely appeal to the osteopath.No need to justify the situation by the fact that now you have a small child.Indeed, over time children get older the woman is less time for themselves and health.

Of course, such a condition is practically impossible to provide, but should take note of: pain in the coccyx prohibited from lifting any weights, including a child.More time should be lying (including when feeding the baby), give up seats for soft things.Pain attack can be temporarily removed due vygrevaniyu (using warmed salt or boiled eggs).Do not forget about the bandage, it can become a loyal assistant.

deserves special attention and physical activity - optimal, if you find time for a daily charge or batch swimming.Will ease the situation as massage, but we need to be careful: when a woman does not know the cause of the pain, it can only exacerbate the situation.

With appropriate procedures and treatment should help the doctor after examination and a diagnosis.In this case, it is important not to delay, require timely solution.After birth, you can not turn a blind eye to your health.Time for a visit to the doctor should be found necessary.He will be able to determine whether all right with health or need to take some action.

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