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The uterus after cesarean section

The uterus after cesarean section

All female sexual system is undergoing significant changes after childbirth, the majority of which occur in the uterus.The female body after childbirth have to spend a lot of time to normalize.The uterus during the first weeks after giving birth is like a big bag stretched muscle.But over time, there is a gradual recovery of all the internal mechanisms.Such a process can take place in a few months, or last for 1-2 years.Therefore, the conditions required in this case are daily hygiene, proper care, optimistic and following the recommendations of the gynecologist-obstetrician.

natural childbirth is not always possible.Today, an increasing number of Caesarean sections.This operation is not particularly difficult - to carry out suitable full or partial anesthesia.But there are certain consequences Caesarean section - a long recovery of the body, especially the normalization of the uterus.

condition of the uterus after childbirth

woman's uterus after childbirth increases in size and volume, recalling

the continuous bleed.The bottom of the uterus below the navel is about 4-5 cm., With a diameter of 10-12.Uterine entail a reduction of its dimensions and the gradual healing of the inner surface.

After birth naturally or caesarean section uterine cervix are very weak, increasing until the end of the postnatal period.But the recovery of the uterus after cesarean section is slower, with a gradual decrease in weight.Some periods of stored slight bleeding from the uterus after childbirth - lochia.

duration of post-partum period at caesarean section is up to 60 days.Why contractions occur such a long time?It is understood that the caesarean section involves a violation of the integrity of the uterine muscle fibers, nerve endings and blood vessels.Therefore, the rate of reduction will be slowed down.If necessary, you may need a special medical therapy.

The drugs aimed at stimulating uterine contractions, with the reduction of bleeding vessels damaged during the cut.Contractions of the uterus is slow, so the amendment is necessary to go for a long time.Accordingly, after cesarean women usually discharged from the hospital later.But at home there is the discomfort of another character - the difficulty in turning on its side, sneezing, coughing, trying to get up and walk.Discomfort arises in the form of swelling of the abdomen, intestinal gas and acute pain.There are difficulties breast-feeding because of the complexity of choosing the appropriate provisions are not accompanied by discomfort.

Complications of Cesarean section

Childbirth naturally lead to blood loss of 300 ml.During caesarean section, this figure an average of 500-1000 ml.When natural childbirth body is able to restore blood loss alone.But for caesarean section at the possibility can not be counted.Therefore krovezamenyayuschih solutions to be introduced during the operation and after it.

Take into account that a caesarean section is a full-fledged operation may be accompanied by certain complications:

  • Violations in the integrity of the peritoneum intestine.

  • appearance of adhesions - adhesions occurring between the loops of intestine and other organs.Adhesions give rise to abdominal pain, discomfort when walking, sitting, motion.

  • inflammation of the uterus - endomyometritis.The operation involves contact the uterine cavity and the air is extremely difficult to achieve absolute sterility.After a Caesarean section women are prescribed antibiotics to prevent the development of endomyometritis.

  • Violations of uterine contractions - subinvoljutcija.If such a problem is assigned therapy within 2-5 days for enhancing uterine contractility.

how to restore the uterus after cesarean

Regardless of the type of delivery, a woman will need a good rest.On the first day after the operation the woman stays in the post-natal ward under the constant supervision of doctors.Every day, the nurse handles the seam using an antiseptic solution and changing bandages.On the abdomen the woman placed the ice pack to stimulate uterine contractions and reduce the risk of bleeding.Appointed and some painkillers for a better uterine contractions.And drugs used, to allow recovery of the gastrointestinal tract.

woman is important to remember the need for full recovery of the body, in the womb will be a lasting scar.Sex life can be resumed after 2-3 months after the operation.Next pregnancy can be scheduled no earlier than after 1-2 years.The final scar formation completed by the end of the first year after surgery, then retains its unchanged appearance.

Next, you will visit the gynecologist, ultrasound examinations to monitor a normal recovery.Ask your gynecologist about the appropriate forms of contraception.When planning a pregnancy in the future, the doctor will recommend hysterography - X-ray images in the lateral and frontal projection after the administration of contrast medium into the uterus.It can be done, and hysteroscopy - a visual inspection of the procedure, the study of uterine scar.For the procedure used by the introduction of an endoscope into the uterine cavity - is performed after 8-12 months after surgery.

success of postoperative recovery of the uterus depends on the course of pregnancy, the body, the woman's age and the conditions of the operation.A woman in childbirth by a cesarean section is needed psychological readiness to the appearance of pain.The cause of the discomfort can be a uterine and internal injury.

seam on the uterus after cesarean

When cesarean section is expected to use multiple uterine incisions.

practiced today are three types of cuts:

  • Cross.The most common option - performed in the lower segment of the length of 10-12 cm. Assumes less trauma and blood loss, facilitating wound healing, reducing the chance of infection after childbirth.The scar is almost no impact on future pregnancy, natural childbirth possible.

  • Classic.A vertical incision in the upper part of the uterus - in place of a plurality of blood vessels, leading to severe bleeding.Therefore, doctors have resorted to this type of incision is rare.

  • Vertical.Available only for extreme cases - premature or abnormal development of the uterus.

importance is given and sutures on the uterus after the cut.For sewing the incision on the uterus used singly or double-row suture without interruption.After birth, the doctors will monitor the healing of wounds, ensuring the absence of postpartum inflammation of the joint.Longer postoperative scar will heal - up to 6 months, but sometimes can last up to a year.The process is long enough, taking into account the violations of integrity of nerve endings in the operation section.

Within a few days after the operation requires the use of analgesics, pain in view of the seam.Skin scar formation occurs within 6-7 days, so the self-administration of the soul can reflect only a week later.For ease stomach discomfort, it is recommended to dress diaper or use special postpartum bandage.

resort to physical stress can only 2-3 months after cesarean section.Allowed only painless and simple exercises.And remember - no weights.When overvoltage abdominals possible consequences for the healing of postoperative scar, sometimes leading to a risk of developing hernias.

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