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Bandage after giving birth

Bandage after giving birth

probably during pregnancy almost every woman had to think about the restoration of its normal shape after childbirth.And many women concerned about this problem during pregnancy, which leads to the need for drawing up a modest diet with restriction of food and the preservation of its high physical activity.But due to various reasons, understanding the approaching childbirth and other factors, the woman often forgets about his plans.

However, the correct approach is already empty stomach will be able to pull in the first days after birth, avoiding stretch marks and other problems.Especially for women after childbirth, usually have to give up serious exercise.And do not forget that the body after birth must be quite a variety of food in sufficient quantity.Therefore, the bandage is the first and often the only immediate postpartum opportunity to restore the previous form.

Do I need a bandage after childbirth?

But such a statement is not prepared to accept every woman.It should be recognized that a co

mmon denominator on the issue and could not come.Argue about the effectiveness and efficiency of the use of the bandage doctors and women from around the world.Some experts even recommend that women wearing the brace, others do not consider it appropriate.There is even an opinion that the use of the bandage can be harmful.

Restrictions and contraindications

course, wearing a brace involves certain restrictions or contraindications:

  • Certain kidney disease (with the appearance of edema).

  • Various joints that appeared after cesarean section.

  • allergies and skin diseases.

  • Problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

  • In each case individual consultation with a physician.If women contraindications have been identified, we can at least try.Although after wearing in different women it remains rather contradictory opinions about the use of the bandage.

    Many argue that post-natal bandage may cause discomfort and pain.But it is important to understand that such problems may become the leading cause of a wrong approach the woman.First of all, the right choice is important and the method for putting on the shroud.Many women managed to get rid of tummy appeared in just a few days, it is through the use of the bandage.And the main thing - she can argue about this because of personal experience.Use the combined bandage tape, I did not disappoint my expectations.

    Wearing a bandage after childbirth

    If you plan to carry postpartum bandage initially need to determine the appropriate model.The bandage can be in the form of panties, ribbons, Bermuda, skirts, grace.The difference between them is fundamental, despite the identity of the main task - support the uterus, with utjazhki abdomen and strengthening abdominal muscles.Grace is also able to cope with the correction function for the figure - thighs, buttocks and waist.

    use band-panties true after caesarean section.Such bandage facilitates fixation sutures.After vaginal delivery is preferred in view of the tape usability, the more grace and panties are tightly closed crotch.But in this period better than the smooth entry of air.The greenhouse effect in this case can cause a variety of complications, and just does not look very.

    The size should take into account the size of the underwear, even if you select tape or belt (S, L, M).If during pregnancy gained more than the norm, look at the size of the band anymore.The best example of the different models in the time of purchase.Ask your adviser show the correct donning different types of tires.In particular, for putting on panties after cesarean section is the best position of lying.Feature Belt - the possibility of putting on and standing.Through stretching tape and Velcro it can perfectly be tailored according to the figures.

    bodyside material must allow air, absorbing moisture (by this criterion is very useful microfiber and cotton).A particularly important condition in the hot weather, although skin needs to breathe and winter.Sales invited and many other interesting bands, but each of them is able to effectively cope with the main task.This issue needs to be given special attention.

    Better, of course, when the doctor recommends a certain model of the shroud.It may even be contra panties after cesarean, taking into account certain types of sutures.Also, your doctor should ask about the possibility of wearing a brace after birth, and the duration of its use.The bandage is usually worn on the very next day after birth - about 4-6 weeks.

    Does bandage after childbirth?

    for the desired effect was enough for me less time.But tummy during pregnancy increased really well.Therefore band deserves special attention for its efficiency.It helps to restore form and strengthen abdominal muscles, greatly simplifying the care of the baby, with the support of the uterus weakened.Also, a bandage is able to deliver a woman emerged from the back pain.