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Do not cut the uterus after childbirth

Do not cut the uterus after childbirth

dimensions of the uterus during pregnancy increases to more than 5 thousand. Times, gradually restoring its former condition after childbirth.The Authority will be faced with enormous changes that much more exposure for the rest of the body.But such changes occur for more than one day.

uterus after delivery immediately after removal will begin to decline, and the dimensions are reduced.It will be cleaned from the remnants of the place of the child and the blood.In each case, the recovery process of the uterus is an individual, so the time required for this can also vary.

may be different factors that have a positive impact on the rapid reduction of the uterus or will prevent him.Known fact that the baby sucking mother's breast will help to release the female body hormone oxytocin has a tonic effect with increasing cuts.

uterus is restored to its pre-pregnancy size is required between 1.5-2.5 months.The most active is a reduction of the uterus during the first days after birth, reducing almost half

the weight in the first week.

this process is accompanied by the appearance of cramping pain in the abdomen occur.They will be much more intense and more severe for repeat delivery.Although in some cases it reduced the uterus is too slow or the process does not take place at all.

uterus after delivery reduces bad

Usually, the problem is expressed in the ability of small contractions of the uterus under the name of hypotension uterus.But Aton complete paralysis of the muscles of the uterus, is quite rare.

Hypotension is a potential risk, because it can lead to postpartum hemorrhage and other complications.

In practice gynecologists allocated some of the factors which will depend on uterine contraction after delivery:

  • number of fruits.

  • Features of pregnancy and childbirth flow.

  • weight baby

  • Location placenta.

  • state of health of the woman and so forth.

uterine contractions may slow in multiple pregnancies or due to various complications, including nephropathy, preeclampsia, hypertension.The process will be less active as a result of poor attachment or placenta previa, exhaustion of the nervous system and body as a whole, at a fairly large scale baby, a weak flow of generic activity, or lack of physical activity of women after childbirth.

Here are the factors that can lead to a lack of, or problems with the reduction of the uterus after childbirth:

  • inflection uterus.

  • Uterine fibroids.

  • inflammation in the uterus and appendages, including before the process occurs.

  • Insufficient development of the uterus.

  • damage the birth canal.

  • Problematic blood clotting.

a low ability to reduce the said soft bottom of the uterus, which can set a gynecologist at survey mothers.

uterus does not contract after delivery

Checking the status of the uterine contractile activity and several times more in the hospital.By the abdomen postpartum women to stop bleeding and accelerate uterine contractions applied cold water bottle.While not restore normal contraction of the uterus, the woman from the hospital is not discharged.

cope if it can not appoint the appropriate specialist drugs that help improve the contractile activity.This is usually preferred prostaglandins or oxytocin.It can be assigned to a massage and uterus through the abdominal wall.

To increase the intensity of contractions, speeding recovery postpartum uterine size, it is important to establish breastfeeding.That is, feed your baby on demand, maintaining a very active lifestyle, frequently moving.Do not forget to go to bed on his stomach, preferably more often.

If the uterus after childbirth is not reduced, the problem can be detained in her lochia cavity and remnants of the placenta, there is a risk of clogging the internal uterine os due to blood clots, contributing to the development of inflammation in the uterus or abroad.Therefore, if these measures may not provide the desired effect, it becomes a prerequisite for cleaning the uterus.

Unfortunately, we have to acknowledge a sad fact - often such a measure is taken only as reassurance the doctors themselves.Probably, many people realize that the majority of doctors do not take care of the mother or baby, but just think about the maintenance of the normal state of patients while they are in the hospital, in order to avoid responsibility.

But there is a risk of a situation where after the birth does not occur uterine contractions, and action does not work, the woman's condition remains the same.Specialists in this case have to decide on the surgery or may insist on the removal of the uterus at all.

why it is so important to trust "own" the gynecologist to get his expert advice, discuss your questions.But in order not to frighten our women, just mention - more sparing methods listed in this article, in most cases provide the desired effect.