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Maternity leave

Maternity leave

For every woman pregnancy becomes responsible and exciting period of my life.At this time, I think about the future of the child, the rights provided by the state.To understand the second question require knowledge of the relevant rules of law, because it is logical appearance on the possible financial support for child birth, as the possibility of maternity leave.All of these issues deserve careful consideration and competent.

Features maternity leave legislation

in our traditional notion of the word "decree" means the period of time that a woman can spend at home with her baby after leaving work.But few know that the law does not prescribe such a term.Holidays, which is available to women under the guise of "maternity" actually includes two types of holidays - prenatal and postnatal (in connection with pregnancy and childbirth);and leave to care for a child (up to the three years toddler).That care in such a decree established in the Labour Code of the Russian Federation.

when to start and how m
any takes maternity leave?

a woman has the full right to maternity leave to 30 weeks of their pregnancy.Experts recommend to refuse work from that moment, fully dedicating their time and effort to further prepare the body and psychology for the upcoming birth.To do this, your doctor-gynecologist provided "a piece of disability" with the term of the pregnancy and the date of an upcoming birth.This document provides women in the workplace for maternity leave.

In addition, before a pregnant woman even before the decree is applicable by law to receive annual leave at work.In this case, it is possible to take maternity leave for a period of 25 weeks even (with the duration of your legal holidays 5 weeks).

Payment of maternity leave should be made at the expense of social security.For the unemployed or women engaged in private activity, payment should be made legal benefits insurance fund or the relevant social services.At the same time after the end of maternity leave, a woman has the legal right to obtain a further obligatory annual vacation at the new place of work.

During the entire period of maternity leave the employer is obliged to preserve the woman her workplace and position.It is noteworthy that all the time maternity leave should be counted as continuous employment history.

young mothers must also remember about their statutory rights to which they can return to their workplace at any time (part-time - while retaining all the benefits).If you decide to return to work in a full-time, these payments are terminated.None of the employers do not have the legal right to dismiss a woman during maternity leave - the relevant provisions prescribed in the Labour Code.

Note also that pregnant women often prefer to opt out of receiving maternity leave - the law does not limit them in this decision.

How long is maternity leave?

Decorative maternity leave, in accordance with the provisions of the current legislation contains 70 days.When multiple pregnancy period of maternity leave for women increased to 84 days.During the birth complications, the duration of leave shall be 86 calendar days.Women exposed to radiation (especially if staying in the radioactive areas), while maternity leave can not be less than 90 days.In case of premature birth before the 30th week if the baby was alive, the woman should receive maternity maternity leave for a period of 156 days.When adopting a newborn baby a woman is entitled to maternity leave for 70 calendar days.

At the end of the article I would like to pay attention to other pressing issues.It should be understood that the maternity leave to catch up then it will not turn.It is unlikely that the work will be able to compensate for the time spent with the child.You need your child from the first days after birth, do not deny in this amazing joy myself and him.