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Bandage after cesarean

Bandage after cesarean

bandage has become an important and useful tool, which is popular among women in the period of pregnancy.With it supported the abdomen and back, less pressure for the musculoskeletal system, the overall condition is greatly improved.Especially important for late pregnancy, when the weight of the abdomen increases significantly.

Not always women may feel relief and comfort thanks to prenatal bandage, so it is required not for everyone.But in many respects the effect of the band will be determined by putting on the right and following the existing rules.Bandage during pregnancy may be not for everyone - be sure to take into account the existing contraindications.But the situation is different after childbirth - wants to put on a bandage almost every woman to quickly normalize changed tummy - a very important condition for the beauty and confidence.Can be fundamental features for wearing a bandage immediately after cesarean section?How best to choose for themselves a bandage if needed for childbirth ces

arean section?

Do you need a bandage after cesarean section?

for women's uterus after the labor process begins intensive reduction, size decrease.It is the process of involution - reverse development, resulting in fairly quickly restored the old rules of the uterus before pregnancy.Sometimes the uterus may be even smaller in size compared to the period before pregnancy.

process is accompanied by a decrease in the size of the abdomen, is largely due to the uterus - it during pregnancy requires a lot of space.It increases the intensity of the process of reduction with increased activity of breastfeeding.It is known that for caesarean section breast milk may come a little later, in addition, antibiotics have a negative impact on its quality.Therefore, the operation may cause some difficulties breastfeeding, which should be carefully and properly overcome.Breastfeeding should not refuse in any way - in fact, it is so important for the newborn.

gradually during breastfeeding restores the size of the uterus is reduced and the volume of the stomach.But to return to the original shape of such changes may not be enough.We all are unique, the process is not always with the same success.In addition, during pregnancy the ligaments and skin of the abdomen substantially stretched - need to get rid of this problem.Given the loss of abdominal muscle tone, after cesarean time to restore them need much more.

after childbirth and caesarean section while there are contraindications to exercise.But after a certain time to restore the modified forms may be too late.Therefore bandage after delivery becomes a useful invention - to restore the elasticity of the abdominal muscles.

after cesarean bandage important discrepancies preventing seam, helping to maintain the "pull the" fixed state - to accelerate healing.Using the band helps protect the postoperative joint from mechanical damage.

bandage after cesarean - especially wearing

Previously, when the bandages were not presented in a wide variety, often choose various sheets and diapers.We have to admit that today this method is fairly common.After all, a mother and her daughters share their experience.When tying device functions similar to bandages, but the resulting effect is not as pronounced, and there are disadvantages of using.Appropriately enough to tightly tie up a woman becomes uneasy.Therefore, a more modern solution, bandage, surely recaptures position.

Pregnant women in most cases, choosing a combined band - its use is possible both before and after birth.But experts believe it is reasonable - after cesarean is necessary to use an appropriate post-operative bandage.Front it is wide enough to ensure the protection of the abdominal cavity.Utjazhki band may vary Velcro-fastening.

not all adhere to recommendations, continuing after cesarean section use a standard universal bandage, despite the inconvenience of its use.But every woman is free to choose her a suitable variant, the recommendations of doctors and so can stay councils.

liability should be approached to issue a correct choice of band after delivery or caesarean section.The best option, of course, becomes a consultation with your doctor, who may recommend a specific band, explaining the reasons for this choice, tell about the proper selection and application of a bandage.This question is traditionally given to the importance of size.After all, quite a large shroud can not provide the desired effect, and the use of all the little can be harmful.

Of course, it is better (you could even say necessary) to the inside of the band, close to the body was made of natural fabrics.

Before purchasing and applying a bandage after cesarean section is still important to consult a physician who can tell about contraindications.In particular, the bandage is contraindicated after childbirth will be swelling of the kidneys, inflammation of the joints, skin lesions sheets, certain diseases of the abdominal cavity.

Note that postpartum bandage - not a means of weight loss and slimming.In many ways, everything is determined by physiological characteristics and breastfeeding.During breastfeeding you should not even think about diets.It is better to pay attention to the other option - exercise, the results of consultation with a physician.