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Thrush after childbirth

Thrush after childbirth

thrush - an infection that is caused by a yeast-like fungus.Statistics confirm the frequent yeast for women after childbirth.As a result of the infection occurs oral lesions, vaginal intestine.The causative agent of thrush infection becomes fungus Candida, the presence of which is characteristic for every human organism.Fungus Candida and constitutes an internal female flora, its presence in a small amount even be beneficial.However, certain circumstances may lead to active reproduction of the fungus, which is the development of the disease thrush.

symptoms of yeast infection in women

often unable to identify the yeast of characteristic symptoms, such as the appearance of a white cheesy plaque, irritation, itching, pain when urinating.

Causes of thrush after birth

cause exacerbation of thrush after birth are considered to be changes in the hormonal background of a woman's body.In fact, there are disturbing the natural balance of microflora, leading to the proliferation of the fungus.If thrush

is not cured in a timely manner during pregnancy significantly increases the risk of the disease and to the baby after birth.

explained this situation the passage of the baby through the birth canal.As a result of the fungus Candida is in the body of the newborn.The kid may suffer from oral thrush.Accordingly, during breast-feeding woman's body will again be exposed to the fungus, will be noticeably sore nipples.

All of these problems can noticeably annoyed.But in any case it is not necessary to worry prematurely.After all, modern tools allow you to get rid of the disease thrush.And give up breast-feeding the baby should not be, even if the thrush appears precisely because of this.

Treatment and prevention of thrush after birth

just need to pass a particular course of treatment for the woman and the baby, who will get rid of the problem.Is it important to do a competent professional assistance.To avoid thrush, faced with unpleasant consequences, compliance becomes an important condition for prevention.For this, we consider the basic tips for effective preventive measures.

during pregnancy and the postpartum period is important to follow proper oral hygiene.For preventive measures against thrush and to relieve the symptoms of this disease can recommend a mouth rinse with a weak solution of soda.

Preventing vaginal yeast infection

To avoid yeast infection, we can recommend other means of prevention.In particular, the vulva should be required to regularly and thoroughly wash away.Do not forget also about the importance of underwear, to the question of his choice, too, has to be approached responsibly - would prevent the development of infection.Therefore, a prerequisite for becoming the rejection of synthetic, pay attention to your underwear exclusively from natural materials.

also develop thrush can be prevented by limiting in the diet of foods containing high amounts of sugar.When supplementing their food menu with live cultures of bifidobacteria and lactobacilli symptoms greatly alleviated.

In any case, we should not forget the need to wash their hands thoroughly.That this is so simple element of personal hygiene is able to confidently prevent numerous diseases, which include and thrush.After birth, when constantly having to touch the child, issues of personal hygiene mother is given utmost importance.To avoid the risk of infection or reinfection necessarily the treatment of thrush or after the need to boil the towels, it is important to carefully ironed underwear.

treatment under the supervision of specialists

At the end of the article is important to recall - thrush should be treated with the necessary supervision of the medical staff.But to take care of the necessary measures to prevent such unpleasant disease can be at home, their own efforts.If any self-infection is not recommended, a prerequisite for becoming a doctor's consultation.This responsible approach will allow you to be confident in their health and safety.

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