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Suture after cesarean

Suture after cesarean

Regardless of the reason for which decided to do a cesarean, always such an operation leaves a trace.In addition, because the joint pain occur during the first days after birth, but the scar remains for life.Of course, such a sacrifice is completely justified by the happiness of motherhood, but in the early days of the seam adds experience especially mom.It is important to understand how to care for it, identify unwanted changes and take appropriate action.

How sutured after cesarean section?

This issue can devote an entire report.If you want to get a specific answer, it is best to consult a specialist.He will tell you, and more about the cuts in the skin, joints and threads are used, about the features of their choice, depending on the situation, the individual strengths and weaknesses.

important to understand that there may be various methods of incisions in the skin, sutures - they are not limited to only one embodiment, in every case the selection is done individually.During the operation stop

all layers of the uterus and the abdominal wall, a "stratified" restoring their integrity: First of all, the seam on the uterus (usually a horizontal incision is made in its lower segment), then the connection of muscles, tendons, edges subcutaneous tissue, and the outer layerskin.

Modern medicine has many advanced techniques of skin incisions with sutures after a caesarean section, by which is possible to achieve a significant reduction in the time required for recovery, reduce the risk of blood loss and trauma.Modern solutions beneficial to recovery and rehabilitation after the operation.But in practice every clinic or doctor chooses a particular method with the greatest experience in the use, the best mining.

suturing of the uterus is made for the safe carrying a child next time.It is important that not only the strength of the outer seam, but also sufficient aesthetics - for that medicine today has everything you need.But the tendency of the skin to the appearance of scars or keloid scars over time, there may be some difficulty with the aesthetic effect.


quite logical, serious joint pain after cesarean section.Therefore requires the introduction of anesthetics.Professionals say - in this case, heroism is completely unjustified, no need to endure the pain arises.After all, in such a situation occurs stable release of adrenaline in the blood, which will be in the breast milk - it can lead to irritability, constant worry baby.Therefore, for mothers after cesarean always appointed analgesics - in most cases intramuscularly.

similar situation as with antibiotics - they are introduced to everyone, without consent.Normally, if such a case is thought out choice of drug.If you are satisfied with antibiotic therapy, we recommend your doctor to discuss appropriate medication to minimize the impact on the baby.You know that from the first day of his birth will have to give chest, despite the lack of milk.In this case, clearly the best option becomes a representative of the last century Ceftriaxone.But its low cost makes it a popular drug in modern medicine.However, we recommend to communicate with the doctor to choose a reliable and secure means.

What is needed antibiotics after cesarean?In fact, they are the prevention of "just in case", to avoid inflammation of the suture - is to recognize that they are usually quite serious probability.

Care seam after cesarean

For such a result is becoming a prerequisite for the proper, careful care of the seam.While in the hospital every day or processing must be carried out with the weld overlay a sterile dressing.Such care, in most cases, is not required after only 7 days - when you get home, there is a special procedure is normally required.Yet always individual, for example, can be treated seam green paint - the procedure is extremely simple, but promotes rapid healing.

Despite the pain, experts recommend pacing - often up, preferably already on the 2nd day after cesarean section, overcoming short distances.To healed seam is actually not terrible effects of water, soap, so after returning from the hospital, you can safely take a shower.But you can not put pressure on the seam - therefore mechanical aggressions on this site should not be.

to protect the joint from unwanted contact and irritation is possible to recommend the use of post-operative brace.It will maintain a fixed state of the weld area, to prevent discrepancies.At the same time the abdominal muscles will be able to quickly return the tone, and tummy will find a neat appearance.Due to post-natal bandage it is also possible to significantly reduce the pain arising out of the joint.

When suture using absorbable sutures are not, you need to re-visit the hospital - to remove the stitches if it was not done at discharge.Do not be afraid of red and blue seam, which is stored in the first few months - in the future while reducing the size of the stomach it will decrease, begin to fade, acquiring a more natural color.

Particular attention should be paid to proper nutrition after surgery.To promote early recovery and healing of joints are protein, vitamin E, and other supplements - ask your physician the best treatment.

oil vitamin E has proven itself for outdoor use, the processing of the seam.An excellent choice for this also becomes evening primrose oil.

If we talk about the preferred diet, you must choose a balanced menu, which will contain the necessary nutrients, but be sure to consider breastfeeding.

Possible complications after cesarean

Synthetic sutures may dissolve for 1-6 months, sometimes longer - duration of the process depends on the chosen material.During this time, the seam can bleed, "trickle" this match - the normal "side effects" in a similar situation.There may be redness or swelling in the joint.Using ketguda may cause allergy.There is a possibility

festering seam inflammation.When the "suspicious" symptoms as redness, swelling, regular pain, bleeding by increasing the body temperature, it is necessary to consult a doctor, his assistance in the coordination of appropriate measures.

Even with the use of silk for sutures, which have long been removed, it is possible inflammation of damaged tissues.Always also still possible differences seams - very undesirable moment.It is important to avoid this problem: it give up the heavy lifting (if possible, do not even raise a child, sometimes it is impossible, so at least not heavier than your baby things) exercise.It should be a regular bowel movement, mandatory adherence to the rules of personal hygiene.