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What can I eat after childbirth

What can I eat after childbirth

is hardly necessary to deny the fact that pregnancy is always introduces major changes in the lives and lifestyles of women.During this period, every expectant mom will think through their rhythm of life, physical activity, habits, mood and always appropriate diet.But it is important to consider that and after childbirth to keep some limitations and restrictions, including on permissible food.By following the advice of a professional will be able to quickly restore your body after childbirth, largely reducing the number of potential risks and dangers to health.We consider in this article dietary restrictions after delivery.

widely known that mothers eating habits will largely affect the overall health of the newborn child.Therefore, always retained the urgency required to correct maternal nutrition after successful delivery.After all of the mothers in this period will depend on providing all the necessary nutrients for the body of the child.Breastfeeding in this period of fundamental importance for t

he health and condition of the baby in the future.Therefore it is always so important to carefully and responsibly to think through your diet, which will involve a diverse, full and adequate menu.

First of all, consider the foods that are allowed after childbirth.Then turn our attention to the forbidden dishes on which experts recommend to refuse.The article will be able to determine how long there will be "restrictions" on the use of specific foods.

What's better not to drink?

should start by considering food, from which it is necessary to give in their diets.It is better to exclude from its menu, not to worry about the possible risks and digestive problems in the future.It will be important to give up certain foods, to avoid the risk of allergies for the baby:

  • Carbonated drinks, kvass.

  • spicy and fatty food.

  • Pickled, canned, smoked products.

  • Garlic, onion and spices.

  • mushrooms, beans, honey and nuts.

  • hot sauce, ketchup.

  • fresh pastries.

  • citrus, grapes, watermelon, pineapple, strawberry, melon, apricot, strawberry, peach.

  • Chocolate, coffee, cocoa.

  • Sauerkraut, radishes, pickles.

  • Alcohol, alcoholic cocktails and drinks.

Recommendations for food during pregnancy

Postpartum nutrition involves numerous features that must be taken into account.To ensure the normal digestion of the child after birth, it is important to take into account the recommendations of physicians:

  • better resuming power after childbirth rather small portions.The best choice would be to start a liquid food.

  • After birth, the first three weeks is recommended after a thorough heat treatment of food.

  • After childbirth, especially recommended the use of cereals - buckwheat, oats, wheat or millet.Cooked porridge on the water, add salt to a minimum.Admitted to the diet of vegetables, stewed in vegetable oil, a little potato.After delivery of liquid food can recommend the vegetable soups.

  • During the second and third weeks after birth may be added to these dishes as boiled beef, sea fish and nuts.

all existing restrictions in diet for lactating mothers are shot after the third week, it is possible to add new products.Including, chicken (once a week), eggs (every 2 days), fruit, yogurt, fruit.

Dairy pregnancy

special attention to diet postpartum women deserve dairy products.We need to use them only after the heat treatment.In the category of such products should be made cottage cheese casserole, cheese cakes, condensed concentrated milk without sugar.The reason is the effect of whole cow's milk, which can be a cause of allergies in the baby.Therefore, experts advise nursing mothers and partial replacement of milk to various dairy products, including yogurt, kefir, sour milk and so on. The best choice will be an alternation of milk with fermented milk products.

At the end of the article should be recognized that such a diet for a long time often becomes rather difficult, challenge.It is necessary to significantly limit their allowable dishes, giving up your favorite foods.But it is important to understand the whole responsibility of this task.After giving birth, you are responsible not only for their condition but also for the overall health of your baby.Such diets and restrictions are a prerequisite for good health of the child.

We would like to appeal to mums who never could stop smoking or even small doses of alcohol.In such a case, bottle-feeding the baby, still a baby breast milk will mainly harm, why risk the health of the child is not necessary.