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Exercises after delivery

Exercises after delivery

Almost every woman has during pregnancy think about their condition and the view after giving birth.And after a successful childbirth for a woman begins a time when the need to consider an effective remedy, taking up not only care for the child, but also for their own state.But in any case, be aware that recovery is not a simple task, with a total take several months, with enhanced training and the right to choose for themselves exercises.

effective exercise - the restoration of shape after childbirth

First of all, it should be carefully and vigorously engage in their condition.Sticking to a passive way of life for her recovery after childbirth can not be.To achieve the desired effect, you must use the internal resources and engage in a complex of various physical exercises.Experience suggests that the beginning of training, in principle, possible to have a month after giving birth.Then you can over time increase their load, gradually starting to engage more and more active.It is important to think

through competent distribution by groups, through various exercises may strengthen the thighs, abdomen and chest.

exercises to recover from childbirth - belly and waist

to exercise you should lie on your back, raise legs at right angles.Hands should be to lay his head.During the exercises to stretch the muscles of the buttocks and back.Then we put forward alternate leg, slowly and with a certain force.This exercise during the first days of repeated 6 times, but eventually can already reach up to twenty.

Becoming so that the feet are shoulder width, straight back.Right hand take the left wrist.After that, we raise your hands above your head, hold and count to three.Then hands should be deleted and replaced.During the lessons for each hand do five exercises.

exercises after childbirth to strengthen the thighs and buttocks

Lying on your back, put your left foot on the right knee.Wrenched out the thigh of the left leg.Then pull the right knee to the chest, should feel an intense stretch.We support the thigh toes 5-10 breaths.Then slowly lower still and relax.On each leg must be three exercises.

Lying on her side, bending your knees.After that, the ball is clamped between his knees.Building on the lift arm body and located behind the head a free hand goes in the same direction.At the same time we do the compression and unclamping between your knees.We need to change directions.To start doing ten exercises, gradually bringing to 20 repetitions.

Exercise after childbirth to strengthen the back

should stand on all fours, spreading her knees apart.Put your hands shoulder-width apart, bending at the elbows.Thereafter plants hands away, the fingers should be directed toward each other.It should stretch the stomach, slowly lowering the body to the floor, the nose hit the ground.Then you need 10 times lower and raise the trunk.

Lie on your back, throws and bend elbows, placing the sides.Also, bend your knees slightly apart.The spine is pressed to the floor, with the voltage of the buttocks and lifting them up to leaving the floor three or four vertebrae.In such a situation we freeze ten seconds, gently falling.Exercise is repeated ten times.

Over time, the load increases gradually manage to restore its shape before birth.During exercise deserves special attention and proper nutrition.It is also quite useful with a child walks in the fresh air.

set of exercises after childbirth - tips for greater efficiency

At the end of the article should mention a few more tips to allow you to quickly achieve the restoration of their status and physical condition:

  • must be regularly load, repeat possible and several times daily.

  • should stick to smooth all the exercises.

  • should perform exercises on a flat surface.

  • studies are needed to correct rather comfortable clothes.

  • necessary to ventilate the room in which there are regular classes.

  • Before exercise should go to the toilet.

  • Work should be after breastfeeding.

Following all of the above studies and exercises will achieve a slim figure, which was before the pregnancy, feeling loved and confident.

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