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When postpartum begin monthly

When postpartum begin monthly

first and most informative sign of the beginning of pregnancy - absence of menstrual periods in women according to the schedule.It appears when ovulation the corpus luteum continues the production of progesterone, which will prevent menstruation.This situation is maintained in the normal case, the whole period of pregnancy.However, after delivery begins the gradual recovery of hormonal women will soon be resumed and monthly.

Individuality resumption of menstruation after childbirth

undergo a process of renewal of monthly, in each case strictly individually.Therefore, there is no way to tell when restored month after delivery.The norm is the restoration of the menstrual cycle in different periods - including 2-3 months, sometimes it takes 2-3 years.But still, you can focus on some of the terms for which you may recover menstruation after childbirth.

monthly recovery after childbirth depends on breastfeeding

Much will depend on breastfeeding - if you feed, the mode of practice.Breastfeeding in mos

t cases becomes the main reason for the absence of menstrual periods.The reason is the hormone prolactin, which helps to activate the development of breast milk by suppressing ovulation.

There shall be no resumption of physiological menstrual period before weaning.A similar situation prevailed decades ago when a woman after childbirth 2-3 years thought about menstruation.

But due to various reasons vozdeystvioya resumption of menstrual periods may vary.However, it is still the dominant communication breastfeeding: after the introduction of complementary foods and non-breastfeeding, menstruation will resume later this month or two or three.

If for some reason the woman refused to breastfeed after the beginning of menstruation may 1.5-2 months after delivery.But these figures are an average - can sometimes start after 3-4 weeks, sometimes only 3-4 years.

When postpartum come monthly - depending on the woman's health

important in the restoration of the menstrual cycle is always given to the state of women's health, adequate diet, proper rest, complications during or after delivery, in which the need hormone therapy, do not forgetas a psychological condition.Start first month after childbirth is not related to the method of delivery.Regardless, it was artificial or natural birth, mode of delivery will not affect the recovery of hormonal levels.But keep in mind that sometimes after giving birth by caesarean section resumption of menstrual cycle may not be in time.

Particular attention should be bleeding (lochia).That accompany the healing of the uterus after delivery of the placenta.These monthly allocation to have nothing in common.Lochia selection begins immediately after birth, possibly a few weeks duration (no longer than 6-8 OK), with a gradual change in the character selections: first heavy red gradually becoming scarce sukrovichno-brown, with a smooth transition to the white-yellow.

resumption of the menstrual cycle takes place some time later.They initially may be irregular, starting a little earlier, or with a certain delay, but has normalized for 2-3 cycles.

is important to consider the possibility of changing the character of post-natal periods, in any direction.For many women, there are times when postnatal discharge are not so heavy and painful as before.But in some cases, the opposite situation is possible.

women after childbirth should be cause for concern a situation that continues to sufficiently intense and long.Need advice from a specialist in cases when after the complete failure of breast-feeding is not renewed monthly cycle and after two to four months, or they differ irregular, scanty or excessively abundant character.

is also necessary to remember about contraception.There is an erroneous misconception to which breastfeeding during pregnancy is not impossible.Indeed, without the possibility of ovulation and menstruation.Because of this error, and many women get pregnant very soon after his birth - in fact it is not very desirable for the state of the female body and the health of the unborn child.

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