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Exercises after cesarean section

Exercises after cesarean section

Today it is well known fact the effects of operations for the body.No operative intervention can be carried out seamlessly to the body, in any case accompanied by a state of shock.The exception does not become and perform a cesarean section.It is important to understand that a caesarean section is also a full-fledged operation that may be required in a planned or emergency mode.But in any case, regardless of the conditions, a special recovery operation for the woman becomes imperative.Particular difficulty has to experience during the first days after the operation.Experience shows that after a caesarean section, women face challenges in the form of nausea, weakness, abdominal pain and other ailments.

This situation actually looks quite logical.After all, with the same symptoms as a result of man faces stay under the influence of drugs.To help your body to overcome such difficulties, contributing to the speedy and better recovery, the necessary vitality, usually recommended a set of simple physical e

xercises.Experts say that if the simple techniques can be to restore its state.But it is important to consider that in this period, prohibited any sudden movements.Therefore, given the exercises are carried out mostly as therapeutic exercises, which can be used to quickly normalize its state.

executable statement can directly exercise in bed in a state of sitting, sitting up a little under the back for convenience puts a pillow.

exercises after cesarean section: leg (repeat 10 times):

  • Doing rotational movements of the feet - in each direction.
  • followed by flexion and extension stop.
  • knees are pressed against the wall of the bed, in such a state should be delayed for a few seconds, then returns to its original position.
  • Completing the set of exercises by alternately bending and stretching one leg.

Exercises After Cesarean: for the stomach (2-3 minutes):

  • palms for circular strokes for the entire surface of the stomach - from right to left, in a clockwise direction.
  • Stroking the palm surface of the stomach from top to bottom, along the lines of the muscles.
  • gradually move to stroking the bottom-up and top-down, and in the direction of the oblique abdominal muscles.

Exercise after a caesarean section: to the chest (2-3 minutes):

  • to start making stroking the front and side surfaces of the chest.
  • stroking going from the bottom up toward the axilla.
  • right hand massaging the left side of the chest, the left - right.

set of exercises after cesarean: lumbar (repeat 5 to 10 times):

  • Hands refineries back, then back of the hand to stroke the lumbar region - from top to bottom and sides.
  • Breathing exercises after a cesarean:

    • palms on top of the chest, take a deep breath in the breast by "one-two", and "three or four" should exhale a little pressing palms on the chest.
    • palms should be placed on the area of ​​the joints, making the account of "one-two" deep breath, inflating the abdomen.Then, at the expense of "three to four" should exhale, to a maximum retraction into the abdomen itself.
      • Over time, with the gradual recovery after cesarean section, she can move on to more difficult exercises.Such complexes may typically include squats, bending, exercising on fitball.Yet once again the risk is not worth it - so it is important consultation with a doctor before doing these exercises.And all at once so complex exercises should not do, health is more important.

        should take into account the state of his body, which needs such exercises.Of course, exercise is the first time after the operation will be easy and short enough, but a systematic approach can achieve excellent results.It should immediately honor, on average, for normal tissue repair for proper rumen need about 5-6 weeks.Therefore, after this period we may have to gradually move to a more serious exercise.Sure - with the right approach we will be able to regain its ideal shape and enjoy vitality.

        On this we can only wish for a successful implementation of all exercises to quickly achieve the much desired state of health and cheerful, but in any case better than the health risks are minimized.

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