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Exercises for the abdomen after childbirth

Exercises for the abdomen after childbirth

After delivery, many women have to deal with an unpleasant effect - namely, increased tummy.Of course, you can try to pull it, but generally it will not relieve the problem, you need to think about more effective solutions.Besides, there and increased waist.Consequently, many women are simply unhappy with their shape, when a postpartum mood changes just begins to deteriorate.How can I get rid of such unpleasant problem to re-enjoy the same shape and erstwhile condition?This issue we have dedicated a new article on the site.Recommended useful information that will allow you to achieve the best physical shape and good spirits.

The article deals with a special set of exercises, through which ensures a significant reduction in body fat in the abdominal area.

set of exercises after childbirth - topical advice

But before the training we recommend you become familiar with certain nuances:

  • need a little warm-up before training. So you will be able to prepare the muscles for the upcoming exercises,

    during which will be faced with the load.As a warm-up can be recommended to a little run, jump rope, or dance with your favorite muse.

  • Press during each exercise should remain in suspense, comply with the established technique of execution.

  • Training should take place at full strength, with maximum intensity.Such an approach would quickly achieve the desired result.

  • Each exercise is recommended to start with one approach. and then to the load is increased to 4 approaches.

  • Control your breathing. During the lessons is given to the importance of the breath, it should be as follows: voltage abdominal muscles as you exhale, with the maximum retraction of the abdominal wall, the ribs should relax.Do not relax the abdominal muscles and also on inspiration, maintaining retracted abdominal wall.

  • Be performed classes have at least 3 times a week, as possible and do it every day.Eating food is prohibited one hour before or after classes.

    • can now move on to the full range of activities that will allow us to effectively work on their press.

      Stretching muscles after childbirth:

      • maximum rounding belly as you exhale, pulling him to inhale up to the spine.This situation should be maintained in seconds.We provide 10 sets of exercises for 5 sets.

      • Lying on his stomach, should try to bend back the most, a few seconds to retain this provision.10 complexes are performed such exercises, including 4-5 sets.

      drill press after giving birth:

      • do the exercises in the supine position. To do this, bend the knees.They should not only be bent at a right angle, but that the main support has been directed on the heel.Hands pulling his head with a slow allowing your upper body to an angle of about 300. The exercise is performed 10-12 approaches.

      • deserve attention and lateral abdominal muscles. For their study to do the exercises while lying on your back.To do this, put his head in his hands, knees bent.We shift the left foot over right, lifting the body from turning to the right.After the move to the starting position, repeat the exercise by changing the position of the feet.Exercises are performed 5-10 times for each side.

      • to the side and central muscle fit more exercise - in the supine position should be to raise the legs perpendicular to the floor, crossing them.Pulling exercises for arms along the body.This is followed by a little lift and lower basin of the support arms.We do the exercises three to five times.

      obtained during employment result in the completion can be secured through another exercise that is performed in a standing position.To do this, hold on to every possible support (a chair, a window sill, etc.) With moves back - left and right foot alternately.Exercises are done for each leg 10-15 times.

      By regularly carrying out the above exercise will be able to recover quickly enough good shape and attractive tummy, deserving only compliments, and just keep myself in good shape and improve mood.

      We only remains to wish you achieve the desired results and the pleasure of interesting, toning exercises.We wish to always remain beautiful and healthy, we are for it and we will continue to delight you with interesting and useful articles on the site.