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Swing press after giving birth

Swing press after giving birth for the female body after childbirth begins the process of natural recovery.Gradually, everything is normalized during the first months of child care.Yet the self-recovery of the body does not apply to certain areas of the body, so the woman has to work on them further.

First of all, deserves special attention the issue of the press.In this direction, there are many recommendations on the timing of the beginning of recovery.But it is important to understand that in any case must be approached individually to recovery.

Much of the decision depends on the complexity of births occurring, there are gaps and other factors.For women after pregnancy, one of the main problems is traditionally diastasis.In this case, the abdominal muscles diverge on the center line.In post-partum muscle alone can not connect again.Therefore, even dedicated his press woman may notice on the preservation of the stomach elongated bulge.

Studies Julia Tyler from New York, was presented a special set.Through this drill press can r

estore the slim figure.Post workout at 6 weeks after vaginal delivery is not accompanied by complications.If caesarean section should wait a bit, starting load only after 10-12 weeks.

Diastasis - signs how to check a problem

To check diastase, can adhere to the following:

  • Lie on your back, knees bent, feet rest on the floor.

  • head is lifted, then palpated his fingertips the middle of the abdomen.Should be detectable from the bottom up or the top down.

  • The presence of diastase can talk detection hollows in between the rectus abdominis.

perform the exercises may even without diastase woman.Provides excellent effect, helping to get rid of belly, significantly improving the press.But a caveat to consider - in the presence of diastase training should be carried out only with a special tightening bandage.Buy such band is not always necessary, it can be made independently.To do this takes a strip of tightly woven towels with a width of 15-25 cm., And a length of about 150-160 cm.

Consider two effective exercise "reduction" and "Elevator", the fulfillment of which is permitted immediately after birth.

rock press after giving birth - exercise "Lift"

should sit on the floor, folding his legs, back and ottoman rely on hard pillows.It is necessary that the shoulders were in line with the pelvis, back erect important.Performs the role of the elevator, lowered and raised on the floor.Hands put on belly breathing, imagining if the abdominal muscles are lowered to the "first floor".Then we again have to breathe, as if climbing the "fifth floor".In this position, the remaining 30 seconds.Repeated the exercise several times.

drill press after giving birth - "Abbreviations"

should sit on the floor cross-legged.Lean back on the ottoman or hard pillows.It is necessary that the shoulders were on a common line with the hips, the back should be straightened.One hand is placed below the navel, the second - under the thigh.His muscular "lift" is omitted before the "1st floor", then lift it up to the third exhale.

important at this time to maintain direct shoulders.Then our "elevator" rises to the "fifth floor", be regarded as loud floors.Maximum strain at this point the press, when the lift is raised.Then he returns to the "second floor".Repeat this exercise once more.

rocking the press after giving birth - "Abbreviations" standing

Stand straight, bend your knees.Put your hands on your hips should be slightly above the knees, carrying the weight of the torso on the palm.Serve buttocks maintaining a straight back from the buttocks to the neck.This is followed by a breath, the maximum plunging belly as you exhale.Served hips forward to the coccyx "watched" in the floor.This situation lasted for about 5 seconds, then drained the buttocks especially maintaining a straight back.Repeat this exercise 10-12 times.

Exercise for stretching the waist postpartum

is at the back in the supine position, arms along the body, palms turn downward.The legs bend at the knees, heel should fit firmly on the floor, pressing them to the buttocks.Retract the belly, dropping the knees to one side, feet on the floor does not come off his head turned to the opposite side of the knees.Keep this position for a count of 50. After that, the stomach is retracted reserve, but the knees have pivoted in the opposite direction together with the rotation of the head.

prerequisite for such an exercise becomes a proper breathing technique.We are confident that, thanks to the advice of the talented Julia Tyler will soon be able to restore the press, making it elastic and enjoyable.